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Unique and Beautiful Brown Pampas Grass

Having décor accents in subtle and mellow tones of color is sometimes what we wish for! An ideal home décor is the one where you have the perfect balance of bright and mellow tones, which makes the entire room look unique and soothing to the eyes. Brown is such a rustic color that when it is paired with other bright colors, the contrasting effect makes the whole ambience perfectly lit up!

Since brown is the color of nature, we often associate brown with branches and stems of plants. However, did you ever have something in your mind with brown pampas grass? Fluffy brown pampas grass is something that will have your heart just at the moment you look at it! The rustic vibes of the brown color along with the soft texture of the grass are the things that will not let you resist yourself from buying it. Brown, known to be the color of ultimate sophistication and mellow vibes, brings peace and comfort when it is paired with bold patterns of color and texture.

Having plants and flowers in your home yet again brings the whole task of taking care of it and helping it grow healthily to bear beautiful flowers. Taking you out of this hassle of handling the plants and flowers, Whispering Homes brings to you the ultimate thing – dry pampas grass in brown color for decorating your home in the perfect way!

You can get the brown dried flowers and grasses from our store and use it as a décor accent for your home interiors. Do not worry, as these dry pampas grass suit well with all types of home interior. If you have a bold interior with patterns and textures, these brown grasses and flowers will provide a sense of relief and pleasantness in the ambience. On the other hand, if you have a sober and soothing interior with not much boldness and patterns, they will just fit right into the aesthetic and sophisticated vibe! The dried brown flower and grass bouquet for home décor will be the perfect ornament that you can adorn your home, without a single doubt!

How to take care of the brown dried grasses on a daily basis?

Taking care of the dried pampas and flowers is way easier than taking care of the original ones. This is because these are already preserved and compressed with the elements of the original one – be it the color, scent or the size. 

Here are some easy points that you need to consider before buying the dry pampas grasses for it to have a longer lifespan:

  • They do not need water at all. Since they are artificial and preserved, these types of grasses and flowers do not need watering at any cost.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight, as the strong rays of the sun can make their color and scent fade away, which in turn, will shorten the lifespan of the item.
  • Keep it away from a humid place because the humidity often allows molds to grow on them.
  • Clean the dust off with a soft linen cloth at regular intervals so that the color and the beauty of the grasses and flowers remain intact.
  • Avoid touching the petals or the plumes of the grass as frequent human touch can make them lose their natural color and aroma at an earlier stage of life.

How to unpack the dried pampas brown grass and flowers once the order arrives?

The only thing that you need to do is be extra careful when you are unpacking the box of your order. The dried pampas grass and flowers are extremely soft in texture and delicate, which is why you need to handle it with care! 

Since the natural pampas grass is all fluffy, here are some steps that you have to keep in mind while unpacking it:

  • Unpack the dried pampas grass and flowers immediately after you receive them to avoid any type of damage due to the humidity packed inside.
  • Unpack the packaging tissue with the utmost care and gentleness and separate the stems. If the stems are stuck together, separate with a soft cloth using your hands.
  • Do not shake or move the order box too much as it may cause the flower petals and plumes to come out.
  • Arrange with a mix and match pattern and get yourself a ready flower and grass bouquet for decoration.

Some types of brown dried pampas grass available in Whispering Homes:

Though you can get many other types of pampas grass and dried flowers as well, there are some special types of brown pampas grass that will instantly make you fall in love with it!

Here are some of the bestselling ones mentioned, check it out for a better overview of the product!

  • Natural brown pampas grass mix bouquet – A mixture of sheer elegance and grace with cotton balls, brown natural pampas grass and dry millet flowers to create a sensational look for your home! The vibrant hues and the breezy texture is the perfect for instilling warm and welcoming vibes in your home décor.
  • Small pampas grass in brown – The feather-like pampas plumes are all set to define the aesthetic vibes of your home and the brown color elevates the contemporary theme of your home! Pair it with a white or grey color decorative vase from Whispering Homes for making the entire thing look ravishing.
  • Forest green mix flower bouquet – With strands of ruscus, brown dried pampas grass, babysbreath and hand palm leaves, this dried flower bouquet radiates natural glow and complements any type of furnishings in the home décor! The hues of pastel green along with brown dried pampas grass is something that makes this whole thing an eye catching item of your interior.

Shopping of the brown dried pampas grass and flowers for your home online:

In order to get the fluffy brown pampas grass along with dried flowers or if you want to get some dried flowers bouquet, then surely getting your hands on the items from Whispering Homes is one of the best things that you can do! Get ready with us to scale up the interior décor of your home by adding a few more things in the corner of your room to make the entire room look bright and beautiful.

Take out some time off your work and pay a visit to our website  for exploring some of the ravishing and stunning brown dried grass for your home!

Along with dressing yourself up in this festive season, it is time to dress up your home like nothing less! So, scoop into this opportunity and get for your home the things that it always deserves!