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A Modern Home Décor with Antique Candle Stand

Antique candle stand is a treat to the eyes! This is because of the way it looks and fits so well in a modern home decor. While decorating homes, people usually keep antique stuff in their homes for just one simple reason: to make it look elegant!

Antique candle stands generally have a coating of brass in them to give the feel of vintage and antique. Like other candle holders, antique candlestick holders also come in different shapes to enhance your room with beauty and light!

Different Shapes of Antique Candle Stand:

  • Wall candle holders – Antique wall candle holders will go against a wall with a light coloured paint or a textured wall with not much artwork on the wall. The wall candle holders are hanging on the walls, which makes it look elegant in its own way! If you do not have much space to accommodate a candlestick in your room, having a wall hanging candle holder is the best choice for you!
  • Pillar candle holder – Antique pillar candle holders with pillar is nothing but a candle stand that has a pillar for support. Once the burning candle is placed, the pillar structure protects it from falling down, hence making it stand strong! This type of home décor looks good in dining areas where you have large tables to have this placed.
  • Lantern candlestick holder – Lantern antique candle stand is a candle holder with the outside as lantern shaped. This protects the burning candle from any type of wind or air blow that can blow off the candle. It is an exclusive home décor item for your living room or study room.
  • Hurricane candle holder – Antique hurricane styled candlestick holder with multiple pots to hold candles makes an excellent centrepiece or a showpiece! If you want to make your home have a different touch than the others, then go for the uncommon yet pretty hurricane candle holders for that extra spark at your place!
  • Brass candle holder – Antique brass candle holder is a candlestick holder that has more of brass and the colour looks as dark brown. It is a heavy décor item and a proper example of vintage candle holder. This will give an extraordinary look to your home!

Tip: you can have this antique candle stand on your dining table for your candle light dinners with your closed ones!

Tips to Clean Antique Candle Stand:

Cleaning antique candle stand is easy because it does not need daily washing. Cleaning it in frequent intervals with a soft cloth is more than enough for cleaning them.

You can clean it once a month with a wet soft cloth to keep the polish and shine of the candle stand intact!

Buying Guide for Antique Candle Stand:

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It is time to have a touch of modern home decor items with a touch of uniqueness with the beautiful antique candle stand!