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Ideas for Beautiful 3D Wall Art for Living Room

Since living room is the first room in anybody’s house that you first enter, it is often the most elegant and beautifully decorated. Living area is the space for guests, so styling it with the utmost care is all you need to make the first impression about you and your home perfect! The way any room is decorated with wall art and wall paintings or any other kind of stuff – it reflects the personality of the people living in the house.

Apart from metal artwork, wooden artwork, canvas paintings and wall hangings, 3D wall art for living room is the new one on trend now! It is a wide area and you are free to choose from anything that you like the best for your place.

Being confused while selecting the piece of artwork is common, so we are here to help you choose! 

3D Wall Décor for Living Room Ideas:

Here is a comprehensive and short list of ideas that you can have in 3D art for living room.

  • Textured wall panels – Textured walls suit every type of interior and panels with 3D effect has an altogether different vibe! It makes the room look different with proper lighting. The panels can be of abstract shape, geometric patterns or any specific theme that you would like to add. 
  • Wall murals with 3D effect – The best part about wall murals is that it turns out to be the focal point of the room! One of the best 3D wall art for living room is a single piece mural with 3D effects. With the proper lighting and positioning, it will create an optical illusion that will take you to a parallel world!
  • 3D pictures – Images with 3D effects are the most suitable for living area interiors. Have an ordinary image, which suits the style, colour and theme of your room and make it in a 3D effect. You can have this picture in a simple framed box or a designer frame box.
  • 3D metal wall décor – Metal decorations, no doubt, looks the best in living rooms. They are stylish and elegant, and with a touch of 3D effect, they make the room bright and vibrant! You can have romantic metal artwork or an abstract artwork for your room.

Tip: If you have an uncommon room colour and want metal wall art, go for silver, black or white colour artwork, as they are suitable with all kinds of walls and their colours!

  • Wall stickers – 3D wall stickers of different animals, places or certain poses makes it look real! Wall stickers prove to create more illusion because of its powerful impact. The main idea is to have a wall sticker that will make it look the most real and fun to stare at!

How to Purchase 3D Wall Décor for Living Room?

The easiest and the best way to purchase them is to go through the Whispering Homes and choose your favourite 3D wall art!

Remember there is uniqueness in all our items, so do not worry about not standing out of the crowd with your exclusive décor!