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Try Out the New Hexagon Planter

Living in an apartment and liking to do gardening is a tough combination because of the obvious reason: lack of space. In order to do it indoors or outdoors in the balcony, you will need to do which plants can survive and in which pots. Hexagon planter is one of the trending plant pots that people are using in their homes to decorate as well as fulfil their dream of gardening and planting!

Much like rectangular and round planters, hexagon pots are equally advantageous to keep indoors. They are beautiful to look at, makes your room look tidy and bright and also, makes the plants and flowers bloom.

Ideas for Hexagon Pots for Your Home:

If you would like to decorate your place with some classy hexagon plant pot, then here are some ideas for you on how to keep them and where to place them!

  • Pots clubbed together – Have 2 or 3 hexagonal pots clubbed together and hang it on the wall with different stands. This makes your room look neat and tidy and also, does not take up much space. This works as a two way thing because: your empty wall is used up by these beautiful pots and also, you get to live your dream of gardening!
  • Hanging pot – Hexagon wall planter looks just great! If you have the cute, little and colourful flowers in a hexagon plant pot, your room will look just as vibrant as it looks when adorned with beautiful wall posters.

Tip: if you like plants just for decorating your room, buy artificial flower pots of hexagonal shape to enhance the beauty of your room!

  • Planter box – Hexagon planter box is the ideal thing to keep in your balcony or on the railings of your balcony! Planter boxes are big in size and is suited for growing plants, which needs more space to go.

Tip: you can have a big hexagon wooden planter and have it divided into small compartments, if you want to keep multiple small plants growing together in a single place! This will help you in managing your space and also, make space for keeping other flowering plants.

  • Shelf – Hexagonal shaped shelf with multiple stands helps you to keep not just plants and flower pots, but also other home decorative items in the same place! The best place to do this is in your living room, if you have an empty wall and need multiple stuff to decorate it with. You can put all of these together in a single place and give soul to your living room!

Where to Get Hexagon Planter Online?

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