Green Dried Flowers & Grasses

Decorating with flowers and botanicals is one of the easiest ways to cheer up the empty corners of your home. No matter what type of home interior décor you have, green plants and small blooming flowers go well with everything. Whether you have a Boho themed home décor, a minimalist design interior or a modern line of home interior, plants fit just in the right way and make your home glow with grace and beauty!

However, not many of the people have the chance of building up an indoor garden at their place because of the lack of space. Some people might even have the space for it but maintaining and taking care of the plants and flowers like their own baby so that it can grow healthily and beautifully takes a lot of time, effort and patience. If you still want a small indoor unit at your home dedicated to plants and flowers without having to put any effort into them, then here is the solution for you!

Whispering Homes introduces and brings to you the most fascinating décor accent to adorn your homes with – dried pampas grass and dried flowers! You have multiple options to choose from the wide range of collections and get some sleek and gorgeous green dried pampas for the excellent purpose of decorating your homes.

Placing the dried grass and flowers in any corner of your home will make it look stunning and ravishing. You can also make your own flower bouquet by combining the various colored dried flowers and grasses to make it look just like the way you want!

In case you are confused and wondering about the perfect place where you can keep the green dried grass for decoration, then let us tell you that there is no place as the ‘perfect’ place! There are multiple corners in your home that will look the best and cheerful when some of the dry grass arrangements are kept.

Here are some of the designated places that you might like to think about when you are deciding on the purchase of the dried pampas and flowers!

  • Side Table or Coffee Table – If you have a somewhat large coffee table or a side table in your living room, just beside your sofa set, then it is one of the best places for you to keep the flower bouquet. Keeping the flowers and grasses in a decorative vase here will enlighten the place and set the coffee mood just right! Along with this, have a subtle lamp that will help in keeping the place lit, which will be soothing to the eyes as well as help you in relaxing your mind while you are alone.
  • Bedroom – If you have a study table or simply any table in any corner of your bedroom, you can place the dry grasses and the vase there for enhancing the entire room with its aesthetic vibe and positive energy! You can keep it near the window in your bedroom for a peaceful scenic frame, right from your bed.
  • Hallways – If you do not find any “proper” place to keep your dry grasses and flowers, you are free to keep them in your hallways or near the entrance of your home! This will make your home look elegant and classy to the people coming over to your place, right from the moment they enter. Have the vases paired with some lamps and lanterns in these places, making it the most suitable place because of their aesthetic and impressive look!

Since dry grasses and flower bouquets have that aesthetic vibe in them, it is considered to be one of the most thoughtful gifts! People who are into making their place look beautiful, giving them flower arrangements or dry flower bouquets will make them happy like nothing else! Along with good vibes and positive charm, they carry with them the love and affection and stay for a lifetime.

What can be better than getting a bouquet of beautiful dry flowers and grasses from our exclusive store and gifting to your loved ones on their special days? We bet, nothing! The beautiful and soothing dry pampas grass and flowers are all set to adorn your home décor like the you always wanted. Being a treat to the eyes, these bouquets and grasses from Whispering Homes will make you fall in love with each of its style and freshness of the products!

Exploring and finding the best suited home décor accents for your home is always fun and it is even more exciting when you have a wide range of collections to choose and select from!

Here are some of the mentioned green pampas grass and flowers that you can have at your home for adding a spark to your interior décor!

  • Preserved Light Green Hydrangea Flowers – If you are someone who loves nature and its texture, then surely getting a green hydrangea for your home will be the right choice for you! These types of flowers are long lasting and they do not need any extra care or maintenance. Have a contrasting white or grey decorative vase for keeping this green hydrangea!
  • Bunny Tail Flower – Introducing the all new vibrant and soft bunny tails to add a new set of hues in your already existing color palette! The 15 long stems of the bunny tails are tied together to form a bunch of beauty that enhances and changes the entire look of the room. Making a visual treat to your eyes, you can pair it up with any other dry flower bouquet or simply keep it as a standalone in one of the sleek and decorative vases.
  • Pampas Flower Bouquets – Add strains of pampas grass with the colorful and vibrant dry flowers and make it into a beautiful dry flower bouquet! You can use it as a gift and give it to your close ones on their special occasions or simply use it as a decorative accent for your home interior décor.

For grabbing the best dried grass and pampas flowers for your home, all you need to do is pay a visit to the website and find out the amazing range of collections under the ‘Plants and Botanicals’ tab with different color options of dried flowers and grasses to choose from. Get your choice of favorite colored flowers and dry grasses to make your home look undoubtedly the best in them!