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Whenever it comes to experimenting with things in home decor and interiors, you should always give a hand at trying new trends. This will not only keep you updated with the latest talk of the towns but will also help you to make a statement among your visitors at home. How about dried flowers for decoration? Dried flowers for home decor have become very popular among the crowds due to their aesthetically appealing looks and essence of nature vibes. People who are fond of colors, nature, aesthetics, and home styling are giving a try to dried flowers as vase fillers for their home decor. Long-lasting flowers dried using natural and sustainable methods are the best alternatives for fresh flowers. Ideal to enjoy colorful shades throughout the year.

Dried flowers are the best alternatives to real flowers due to their long-lasting nature and minimalist maintenance requirements. Fresh flowers are dried using natural as well as artificial sustainable methods to increase their lifespan and lock their rustic looks for aesthetic purposes. These are everlasting beauties that work well for an entire year and maintain a stylish look in your living space. Adorning dried flowers is a classic accenting technique that can be used to uplift the style of your home decor with leaps and bounds. 

As stated above in the methods mentioned to make the dried flowers, you can either make them on your own at home in your garden, or you can also buy them online from home decor firms. Whispering homes presents a wonderful array of fried flowers which are handpicked blossoms, perfect for adorning in your favorite vases. Some of the most loved and crowd-pleasing dried flowers from whispering homes are Globosa flowers, Mongolia flowers, Baby's breath, dried star flowers, dried lavender, dried flower protea, and many more. Having come across various aspects related to dried flowers above, you should give them a try in your home decor and elevate your place's ambiance.

Whispering homes has a splendid dried flower collection to offer online. Handpicked flower stems are carefully tied together to create aesthetic bunches and combinations to help you choose suitable ones for your home decor theme. Variety in shades and textures gives an ample amount of choices to choose from. Single-stemmed flowers along with suggested decorating ideas instantly make you fall in love with the idea of home decoration. You get to explore different varieties coming from different parts of the globe each having a significance and charm of its own. This budget-friendly collection is sure enough to surprise you with exclusive dried flowers.


Care & Maintenance

Clean off the settled dust gently at regular intervals to maintain the look. Using a hair dryer at low speed with no heat is an ideal way to brush off the dust from flowerheads.

Keep out of the reach of direct sunlight. Ensure to store in a moisture-free environment to avoid the growth of molds on stems & flowerheads. Do not water the dried flowers.


Display a bunch of 8-10 stems in your favorite vase. Single-stemmed dried flowers are useful in DIY craft arrangements. Perfect pieces to add blissful shades and texture into the interior palette.

Dried flowers are everlasting beauties for setting up colorful spaces for traditional festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Holi, etc. Ideal for decorating puja corner, pathways, and patios. Perfect picks to choose for gifting purposes.

  • Statice and Limonium because their petals are tight and short
  • Dried Hydrangeas, sunflowers and tulips are also beautiful to air dry.
  • Dried Lavender, Magnolia, dried Palm leaves, Thistles, Globosa, African Marigolds and Banksia flowers are also the best sellers of dried flowers of all time.

Whether you are planning to visit a housewarming bash or a sophisticated dinner party, the best-dried flowers for decor make a perfect present option. A beautiful and eclectic bouquet of dried flowers is ideal for presenting as a token of your love on any special occasion or just for regular visits to your loved ones. Dried flowers will liven up the theme decor at their place and bring positive vibes to the ambience. Perfect decorative accessories to add a nice pop of color; you can never go wrong with dried flowers as a gift. Best-selling dried flowers for gifting are magnolia flowers, globosa flowers, strawberry fruit flowers, dried star flowers and many more.

1. Living Room: Perfect space to spend time with your friends and family. The living room must be given a refreshed look using a bunch of quality dried flowers. A splash of eye-pleasing hues will look inviting and add to the energetic environment of your living area.
2. Bedroom: Dried flowers in the bedroom are a great accenting idea to adopt. You can display a beautiful bouquet in your favorite vase and fill in the empty spaces on console tables, side tables, or study tables.
3. Dining Hall: A perfect place to use dried flowers for decoration. Create a colorful bunch of dried flowers to make a difference and enhance the whole look of your dining area. You may adorn these in small pots and use them for setting up a lush dining table for a brunch or cozy dinner party.
4. Indoor Balconies: Dried flowers work as useful fillers for already existing flower arrangements in your indoor balconies. Ideal decor items add a nice pop of color and liven up dull spaces.
5. Entrances: Liven up the entrances to your home by decorating with dried flower bouquets and eye-catching combos displayed in tall floor vases. Ideal to enhance the charm of your space from the outside as well. What to wait for? Grab your chance to shop some of the best-dried flowers online on Whispering Homes.
Give your space a happy dose of dried flower shades!