Pampas Grass For Decoration

Dried Pampas Grass adds a rustic touch to your decor when displayed on its own or mixed into a floral arrangement for its height and texture.Our pampas grass is a completely natural & eco-friendly decor product.

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When you think about getting new flowers and grasses for your home decoration, you may want to find something that does not need so much care or effort. Like dried flowers are a thing for decoration, dried pampas and grass are some of the other things that are maybe a new thing for you! It is always good to experiment with new décor accents for your home because who does not like to be updated with trendy style statements? We bet, no one!

There is no doubt in saying that you will fall in love with the dried pampas and dried grass because of its soft texture, delicate nature and the ability to make your room glow with bright and vibrant colors! This does not only help you in uplifting the style statement of your home, but also helps you in maintaining a cheerful and joyful vibe in your ambience.

What is dried pampas grass?

Dried pampas grass is a type of reed grass that has a feathery texture. They are absolutely soft in nature and light as a feather. Originated from South America, they are now used as a décor accent in almost every household because of their natural beauty!

Dried grass is almost the same as pampas grass. They may not be as light as pampas grass, but definitely one could not differentiate between the two, just by having a look at it!

Both dried pampas and dried grass are an excellent modern way of decorating households with any type of interior design style. It does not matter whether you have a traditional set up with rustic look or a modern Boho themed interior with classy window frames, these types of home décor items are suited in any home and furnishing styles.

Similar to dried flowers, the dried pampas grasses are also made with full care and effort, so that the original essence of the grasses are not lost. The colors, shape, design and even sometimes, the scent of the grasses remain intact. This type of decoration gives a whole new vibe and creates an aesthetically pleasing décor, which makes your home look vibrant and pretty!

How to decorate your home with the best dried pampas grasses?

Who would not like to make their homes look pretty with a bouquet of dried flowers combined with dried pampas grasses? Almost everyone has a dream of having their own gardens where they would have blooming flowers and plants of their choice. However, not everyone has that much space to build up such a thing. So, here is Whispering Homes with the sole idea of helping you build a mini garden indoors!

Have different pots and vases designated for dried flowers, dried pampas and dried grasses. You can keep a bouquet of them, combining all the three into one, pairing it in a beautiful vase! You can keep this vase in your bedroom, by the window of your guest room, living area or by the sofa, dining table and even in the patio of your home. The magical aura that it creates by just being there is something that will make your guests fall in love with your décor!

Since pampas grass artificial can be found in a variety of colors and sizes, starting from small pampas grass to large pampas grass, it is easier for you to select the one most suitable for your interior. The decoration with pampas dried grass is not just a treat to the eyes, but also it blends perfectly well with your interior color palette, making the entire room look gorgeous and luxurious!

With minimal efforts and almost no care, the pampas grasses are long lasting and durable in nature. The versatility of these grasses are high because they are available in different varieties, which are sure to set well with your existing interior décor. Grabbing some of them from the amazing collection of Whispering Homes online will give a new and profound look to your home!

Advantages of having a dried pampas grass décor:

When we talk about the advantages of dried pampas grass, they are in abundance! However, there are some unique and eminent points, which makes this decorative accent a favorite of everybody.

  • They do not need any watering like the real flowers and plants. Since they have already undergone a process of being artificially natural with colors and designs, the watering element has been omitted from them.
  • Dried pampas grasses are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so you are free to pick your choice from them and make your own collection!
  • Being long lasting and durable, this acts as a one time investment for your home decoration. With the proper care, these can last even upto two years or more!

If all these points do not move you to order your selected one from the store, then what are you waiting for? Get hold of the colorful ones to make your home have the vibe that is missing from it!

Pro tips on taking care of dry pampas grass:

Though there are no extraordinary efforts that you need to do for maintaining these dried pampas grass, here are some tips that will help you in keeping your decoration last long!

  • Avoid direct sunlight – there is no problem if you keep the dried pampas grass by your window side but make sure that it does not get the direct rays of the sunlight. This will make the grasses go bland and the colors fade away.
  • Regular or frequent dusting – since they are very feathery type, regular or frequent dusting needs to be done. This will ensure that they have a long lasting lifespan with proper looks and colors.

Place to get the best dried pampas grass for decoration of your home:

For getting hold of the best pampas grass artificial online with multiple varieties to choose from, you have to visit Whispering Homes and have a look at the amazing collection! Starting from Bunny Tail pampas to Natural pampas grass, you can get everything here at an affordable price. You can even consider gifting this to your close friends and family members on their special occasions to make their homes look decorated in a lit way!

It is time for your home to get a new cheerful vibe, so what is it stopping you? Grab one of the best from the lot and make the best of your home decoration!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the advantages of decorating with pampas?

Dried pampas is a sustainable accenting option to infuse a natural look into your home decor. Long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing plumes add a luxury touch into any living space.

Q2: How to clean dried pampas plumes?

Pampas plumes are very delicate and must be handled with gentle hands. Clean off the dust occasionally using soft tissue or cloth. Do not use water for cleaning.

Q3: How to take care of a bunch of pampas?

Display in a moisture free environment to avoid wilting. Direct sunlight exposure must be avoided to maintain the look and texture of plumes. You can use a hair dryer on low speed with no heat setting to regain fluffiness after an interval of time.

Q4: What are the ways to decorate with pampas at home?

Sola flowers when combined in a bunch look beautiful as centerpieces adorned in designer vases. You can also use these for hanging on window panes, mantles, or above console tables.

Q5: How to decorate for occasions using pampas?

The aesthetic charm of pampas works wonderfully for any theme or special occasion decor. Ideal to use for wedding decors, birthdays, anniversaries, and other festive decorations to liven up dull corners in home.