Preserved Natural Dried Flowers

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Just like our beautiful fresh flowers, our everlasting arrangements of dried seasonal flowers are off-beat, wild, abundant and each has that unique Grace & Thorn edge. Decorate your home with our gorgeous dried flowers, or gift a personalised bouquet to a friend. Our preserved dry flowers range is ready to be placed anywhere in the home for a pop of colour, or to give a natural and organic feel!

What are preserved flowers?

If the thought of parting with fresh flowers is daunting, fret not. Ethical alternatives abound, allowing you to continue indulging in the charm of bouquets without compromising your values. However, if you're open to a captivating alternative, consider embracing dry floral arrangements.

Preserved flowers undergo a process where their sap is replaced with glycerine, resulting in a vibrant and lifelike appearance with pliable stems, petals, and leaves,dried flowers,white dry flowers for decoration.

Dried flower arrangements are a unique way to add a little classic charm or even a fun, contemporary vibe to your home or office.

Dry Flowers That Make the Best Dried Floral Arrangements

Discover the Timeless Charm of Hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas, beloved for years in homes and wedding bouquets, are a wonderful addition to any garden if you have the space. These beautiful, clustered flowers are known for their reliability, creating stunning garden displays every summer in shades like white, green, peach, and blue.

Their large leaves and colorful heads make your garden a magnet for attention when these beauties are in full bloom. Even after they've dried, hydrangeas maintain their appeal, especially when placed in a lovely vase at home. Currently gracing our baby's nursery, white hydrangeas add a touch of natural beauty and simplicity to any space.

Embrace the Versatility of Dried Lavender.

Renowned for its versatility, dried lavender proves to be a multi-purpose delight. Whether used in cooking, floral arrangements, bath salts, drawer inserts, wedding confetti, soap, tea, oil, or beyond, lavender adds a touch of elegance to a variety of creations. The captivating foliage emanates a fragrance that stands as one of the most recognizable scents worldwide.

Lavender, a petite shrub with varying stem lengths depending on the variety, offers flexibility in its application. The flowers boast a beautiful array of colors, from classic purple to shades of pink, white, or green. Dive into the world of dried lavender, where its aromatic charm and diverse uses elevate any project or setting.

Explore the Wonders of Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus, belonging to the diverse genus Eucalyptus, boasts a staggering 660 species and is a member of the myrtle family, native to Australia and Tasmania. Commonly referred to as gum trees in Australia, eucalyptus, though not a traditional flower, offers foliage that is easy to dry and adds a captivating touch to dried flower arrangements. During the drying process, eucalyptus retains its lush green color and distinctive shape, preserving its fresh and invigorating scent.

Our admiration for eucalyptus extends to collecting fresh specimens and drying them ourselves. The result is visually stunning, especially when combined with other native flowers like the exquisite protea, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty in dried flower arrangements.

Dried Flower Protea

This classy dried flower protea with rich orange red and yellow tone has a beautiful fluffy and artistic flowerhead. The unique layering of petals in the form of closed bud gives a beautiful look which is an absolute feast to your eyes. The Sleek and tender woody stems add a dash of brown and make it more appealing. Ideal for enhancing the beauty of your vintage theme interiors or elevating the look of your overall display in the living room.

Celebrate the Elegance of Baby's Breath (Gypsophila)

The enchanting Baby's Breath, scientifically known as Gypsophila, is a perennial favorite, making recurring appearances in bridal bouquets, alongside roses, and in various craft projects. These small, delicate white flowers serve as perfect fillers in larger floral arrangements and create a captivating presence in product photography shoots.

Whether sourced from a florist or discovered in a garden, Baby's Breath flowers proves to be an excellent candidate for drying. With its easy cultivation, this plant becomes a budget-friendly addition to bouquets and craft projects when grown in your garden. Available in both annual and perennial varieties, Baby's Breath offers a spectrum of white,purple, and pink flowers, with options for single or double blooms, adding versatility and charm to any arrangement.

Embrace Timeless Beauty with Everlasting Strawflowers.

If you're in search of exceptional dried flowers, look no further than strawflowers.

Dried strawflowers stand out in floral arrangements because:

  • They bring a unique charm distinct from other flowers, adding a touch of personality to your arrangement.
  • Their vibrant colors endure, making them a long-lasting choice that can grace your space for months or even years with proper care.
  • Unlike many other dried flowers, strawflowers require no special care or attention.

The exquisite blooms of everlasting strawflowers inject whimsy and color into any arrangement, and their delicate petals make them ideal for drying. Remarkably, they possess a dried feel even when freshly picked, reminiscent of straw, adding a unique texture to your floral creations.

Elevate Your Decor with Magnolia Flowers.

The Magnolia flower bunch stands as the epitome of elegant decoration. Featuring large, pristine white blossoms, it effortlessly infuses sophistication into any room or event. Known for its extended modern vase life and exceptional beauty, this bunch promises to be a striking addition to your decor, ensuring a touch of timeless grace that captivates and enhances the ambiance.

Preserved Natural Rice Flowers in a Spectrum of Hues

Indulge in the charm of preserved natural Rice Flowers, available in a captivating array of colors: blue, purple, pink, red, and green. These delicately preserved blooms promise enduring beauty, allowing you to embrace the diverse palette of nature in your floral arrangements. Whether you're drawn to the serene blues, regal purples, soft pinks, vibrant reds, or refreshing greens, these preserved Rice Flowers bring a touch of the natural world to your decor, showcasing their timeless elegance in every hue.

Why Are Dried Flowers Trendy Decor Accents?

Whenever it comes to experimenting with things in home decor and interiors, you should always give a hand at trying new trends. This will not only keep you updated with the latest talk of the towns but will also help you to make a statement among your visitors at home. How about dried flowers for decoration? Dried flowers for home decor have become very popular among the crowds due to their aesthetically appealing looks and essence of nature vibes. People who are fond of colors, nature, aesthetics, and home styling are giving a try to dried flowers as vase fillers for their home decor. Long-lasting flowers dried using natural and sustainable methods are the best alternatives for fresh flowers. Ideal to enjoy colorful shades throughout the year.

What makes Whispering Homes' dried flower collection so special?

Whispering homes has a splendid dried flower collection to offer online. Handpicked flower stems are carefully tied together to create aesthetic bunches and combinations to help you choose suitable ones for your home decor theme. Variety in shades and textures gives an ample amount of choices to choose from. Single-stemmed flowers along with suggested decorating ideas instantly make you fall in love with the idea of home decoration. You get to explore different varieties coming from different parts of the globe each having a significance and charm of its own. This budget-friendly collection is sure enough to surprise you with exclusive dried flowers.

FAQ’S on Dried Flowers


Q.1 Where can I buy dried flowers?

For a variety of dried flowers, consider exploring Whispering Homes. They offer a diverse selection of dried blooms, allowing you to find the perfect assortment for your preferences and decor needs. Check out their offerings to discover an array of dried flowers in different shapes, colors, and textures, adding a touch of timeless beauty to your living space.

Q.2 Where to find dried flowers?

To find a beautiful selection of dried flowers, explore the offerings at Whispering Homes. They provide a range of dried blooms, allowing you to discover the perfect assortment for your decorating preferences. Visit Whispering Homes to explore their variety of dried flowers, adding a touch of elegance and nature's beauty to your home.

Care & Maintenance

Q.1 How to clean dried flowers?

Clean off the settled dust gently at regular intervals to maintain the look. Using a hair dryer at low speed with no heat is an ideal way to brush off the dust from flowerheads.

Q.2 How to take care of dried flowers?

Keep out of the reach of direct sunlight. Ensure to store in a moisture-free environment to avoid the growth of molds on stems & flowerheads. Do not water the dried flowers.


Q.1 How to decorate your home using dried flowers?

Display a bunch of 8-10 stems in your favorite vase. Single-stemmed dried flowers are useful in DIY craft arrangements. Perfect pieces to add blissful shades and texture into the interior palette.

Q.2 What are the ideas to decorate for different occasions using dried flowers?

Dried flowers are everlasting beauties for setting up colorful spaces for traditional festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Holi, etc. Ideal for decorating puja corner, pathways, and patios. Perfect picks to choose for gifting purposes.

Q.3 Which Flowers Are Best to Dry That Makes the Most Beautiful Dried Flowers For Decoration?

  • Statice and Limonium because their petals are tight and short
  • Dried Hydrangeas, sunflowers and tulips are also beautiful to air dry.
  • Dried Lavender, Magnolia, dried Palm leaves, Thistles, Globosa, African Marigolds and Banksia flowers are also the best sellers of dried flowers of all time.

Q.4 Why choose dried flowers for gifting purposes?

Whether you are planning to visit a housewarming bash or a sophisticated dinner party, the best-dried flowers for decor make a perfect present option. A beautiful and eclectic bouquet of dried flowers is ideal for presenting as a token of your love on any special occasion or just for regular visits to your loved ones. Dried flowers will liven up the theme decor at their place and bring positive vibes to the ambience. Perfect decorative accessories to add a nice pop of color; you can never go wrong with dried flowers as a gift. Best-selling dried flowers for gifting are magnolia flowers, globosa flowers, strawberry fruit flowers, dried star flowers and many more.

Q.5 What are the decorative ideas using dried flowers?

1. Living Room: Perfect space to spend time with your friends and family. The living room must be given a refreshed look using a bunch of quality dried flowers. A splash of eye-pleasing hues will look inviting and add to the energetic environment of your living area.
2. Bedroom: Dried flowers in the bedroom are a great accenting idea to adopt. You can display a beautiful bouquet in your favorite vase and fill in the empty spaces on console tables, side tables, or study tables.
3. Dining Hall: A perfect place to use dried flowers for decoration. Create a colorful bunch of dried flowers to make a difference and enhance the whole look of your dining area. You may adorn these in small pots and use them for setting up a lush dining table for a brunch or cozy dinner party.
4. Indoor Balconies: Dried flowers work as useful fillers for already existing flower arrangements in your indoor balconies. Ideal decor items add a nice pop of color and liven up dull spaces.
5. Entrances: Liven up the entrances to your home by decorating with dried flower bouquets and eye-catching combos displayed in tall floor vases. Ideal to enhance the charm of your space from the outside as well. What to wait for? Grab your chance to shop some of the best-dried flowers online on Whispering Homes.
Give your space a happy dose of dried flower shades!