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Brightening Up Your Place with Beautiful Decorative Diyas

When there is any special occasion like Diwali, any particular puja or normal celebrations, decorating your place with something that lights up the space is an amazing way to decorate your beautiful home! Decorated diyas for diya lamps makes your space look super fresh, filled with good vibes and positive energy. The light from the diyas that fills the room is extraordinary and makes the entire room look bright and right!

The best part about diya candle is that they are suitable for any type of decoration! You can have rangoli design or a simple flower decoration with Diwali diya to make your home have that aesthetic touch and sparkling effect in your home! If you want to decorate your home with diyas without any special occasion, then you can simply have the hanging diya or decorated diya. Instead of candles, you can place these in your living room or dining table and make your place have that café feels! Do not worry, if you are new to the whole concept of diya decoration. We will have it made easier for you with multiple decorative and creative ideas!

What is Diya Decoration?

Diya is basically an earthen lamp that emits light when lit up. It is used for having mild yet aesthetic decoration at your place during festivals and otherwise. The cotton wick used in the diyas are used for burning and emitting light. There are can be many types of Diwali diyas like plain ones, colored ones, big and small, fancy and traditional. You can have anything that you like for the look and feel of it!

This traditional use of diya lamp or diya candle during festivals is the most important thing about them. Apart from this, they are also used for decorating your home and filling it with serenity, prosperity and positive vibes!

If you are lighting a diya, always remember to make it face north or northeast so that good health and wealth comes along in the home and makes your wishes come true. It is a symbol of your belief in God.

Simple Decoration Ideas with Diyas:

When you want to decorate your home with a diya lamp, there are many ways that you can do. You can take out creativity from your own and make it look like you want it to! However, if you are in need of some simple decoration ideas with the diyas, then here it is for you.

  • Flower decoration – Having colorful flowers along with some Diwali diyas in a pattern will make your home look classy! Make this design in front of your entrance door or in the middle of your living room for a picturesque view of the entire room. Instead of flowers, you can also use rose petals along with diyas, if you want to have a romantic evening with your loved ones!
  • Rangoli decoration – Colorful designs and patterns of rangoli with diyas is an excellent combination for decorating your home during festivals! You can make different designs of animals or any other thing with the rangoli and diyas for a pretty view. Make your guests wonder about the creativity and the efforts that you have put in for the decoration!
  • Intricate diya decoration – You can make different patterns with just diyas in a circular motion or any other type of design. Collective diya decoration looks bright and your room is filled with good vibes! You can also do this decoration without festivals, just to make your home look classy and a bit different.
  • Floating diya decoration in water – This is the most aesthetic diya decoration at all times! All you need to do is take a big bowl of water and decorate it with some flower petals and diyas. Both the petals and diyas will float on the water, making it look aesthetic as ever! This is one of the best table decorations if you want to spend some good time with your partner and loved ones over a hearty meal.
  • Tea light diya decoration – Tea lights are the types of diyas that make every day special! All you need to do is be creative with their placement and you are all set to make your home feel no less than a luxurious hotel! You can place the tea light diyas in a decorative tray for being safe about it and keep it on the dining table for a soothing candle light dinner. 

These are some of the common yet unique akhand diya or Diwali diya decoration at home, which you can do otherwise in your home as well!

Different Types of Diyas:

Some famous types of diyas are the lotus diya that is just in the shape of a lotus and when lit up, you cannot identify it as a diya, hanging diya that is used in case you want to place the diyas at a height so that it is visible from all corners of the room or normal types of painted diyas for a colorful look. Go for the ones that makes you fall in love with its design and prettiness!

Other types of diyas available are:

  • Colored double brass akhand diya – A double brass diya set that comes in 4 pieces with multicolour design on it with a beautiful petal design on the sides of it.
  • Sai akhand diya – A diya stand with the word ‘Sai’ designed from brass and an akhand diya on top for the peaceful and heavenly look of the whole thing.
  • Marble charan paduka diya – Charan is referred to as the feet of the Goddess. The marble designed feet of the Goddess comes with a diya in one feet and an agarbatti stand on the other feet for a dual combination that many of you must be looking for during the festive seasons.

Apart from this, you will also find many other designs and combination of diyas in the Whispering Homes for decorating and making your home look the prettiest during festivals and occasions!

Place to get the Diyas:

If you want some unique type of diyas for decoration that will make your home stand out from the rest, then you simply need to go to Whispering Homes and get hold of the exclusive pieces available! Get the one you like the most and make your home feel like the heaven you always wanted.

With lights and a touch of traditional set up, diyas are the best things that you can have your hands on. Do not miss this chance in making your home look like an abode of beauty!