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  1. Plants & Botanicals Blush Blooms Mix Dried Flower Bouquet
  2. Plants & Botanicals Pink Blossom Mix Flower Bridal Bouquet
  3. Plants & Botanicals Delicata Dried Flower Bridal Bouquet
  4. Plants & Botanicals Baby Pink Magic Flower Bouquet
  5. Plants & Botanicals Sunny Summer Mix Flower Bouquet
  6. Plants & Botanicals Cozy Shade Mix Flower Bouquet
  7. Plants & Botanicals Royal Blue Mix Flower Bouquet
  8. Plants & Botanicals Ruby Red Mix Flower Bridal Bouquet
  9. Plants & Botanicals Rose Blush Dried Flower Bridal Bouquet
  10. Plants & Botanicals Peach Love Infinity Rose Bouquet
  11. Plants & Botanicals Mint Green Dried Flower Bouquet
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Bridal Bouquets
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Bridal Flower Bouquets

Whenever we are invited to any wedding or there is a wedding in the family, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is decoration with flowers. Flower decorations have been a standard set for weddings and there is absolutely no way in which you can go wrong with it! Since there are two types of flowers available in the market – real flowers and dried flowers, you are free to choose whichever you would like!

The thing with dried flowers is that you do not have to worry about it getting stains or losing its essence even when you have a wedding function coming ahead. On the other hand, dried flowers are made by retaining all the essence, aroma, look and color of the original flowers so much that it will make it hard for you to differentiate between the two! Much like people like to decorate their homes with flowers and vases, there is a section of flowers or bouquets that are just suitable for weddings. Whether it is that you want to decorate your home with the bridal bouquets or you want to present the bride with some ravishing flowers, you can have it all here in Whispering Homes!

Whispering Homes brings to you a designated section of some beautifully made dried bridal flower bouquets that you can surely not just get away with! The perfect combination of the flowers and the feeling of the wedding makes the whole bunch of flowers look extra ravishing and beautiful, without any doubt! Whether it is for your own bride or a gift to any bride, you are welcome to choose and pick from any of them!

Why choose a dried flower bouquet for brides and weddings?

Flowers are considered to be the lucky charm that brings with it good luck and positivity. Since weddings are considered to be an auspicious occasion, making your homes look pretty is one of the important things. How can you do it in a better way rather than having some classy and elegant bridal bouquets at your place?

The mixed flower bouquets for the brides and their weddings are a perfect match for each other! The colorful and the unique flower bouquets with aromatic scent and ravishing looks is all you need to make the event happening and all the way more exciting. The bouquets are made while taking into consideration the beauty and vibrancy of the flowers and tied together to form a wholesome bouquet that is sure to make you wonder! 

Apart from its effortless beauty and bright colors, the dried bouquets have a magical lifespan that can stay with you for years to come. Once you have decorated your wedding space with dried bouquets and flowers, you will realize how wonderful and real it looks! With all the appropriate color and scent retention, it is the perfect flower bunch for a bride on her special day!

Perfectly suited Wedding Bouquet for the Bride

From the store of Whispering Homes, flower bouquet for bride is a section full of items that will not only make you awestruck with its beauty, but also fit right in your budget! The collection is sure to make you feel irresistible and we would not wonder if you get one bouquet for your home décor!

From the many wedding bouquets available in the store, there are some of them which are just perfectly suitable for the bride as a gift and as a décor item. To know more about such bouquets of bridal flowers, you are welcome to have a glance at the list below!

Ruby Red Mix Flower Bridal Bouquet

If someone tells you about the typical and elegant red bouquet for a bride, then this is the one! Being the perfect suitable bridal bouquet, it is a beautiful combination of red roses, soft pink dried pampas, white fern leaves and a touch of eucalyptus leaves that will leave people mesmerised by its beauty. The red roses look original and natural because of their vibrant colors, they have the potential to change the entire look of the décor! Never going wrong with a red flower bouquet for the bride, best sure to make a special place in the hearts of the wedded couple with the beauty of your flower bouquet!

White Pink Babysbreath Dried Flower Bouquet

For the bride who likes sophistication and elegance, the white and pink babysbreath wedding bouquet will just be an absolute treasure for the eyes! Tied into a beautiful knot, the ravishing white roses along with the pink babysbreath forms an extraordinary bouquet that you surely have not seen anywhere. The mix of colors is the example of ultimate elegance and the bride can never be upset with this bouquet in her hand!

Rose Blush Dried Flower Bridal Bouquet

When the bride wants to have a touch of minimalism in her wedding décor, you cannot simply miss this piece of excellence from Whispering Homes! With neutral shades and a variety of flowers and grasses tied together to make the bouquet, it uplifts the style statement of the entire wedding décor. If you are thinking about presenting a bouquet to the new bride, you can be sure about this one! You can grab this sophisticated and subtly elegant bridal bouquet online and wait to surprise the bride like no one else!

Delicata Dried Flower Bridal Bouquet

If you are a lover of white and light colors, then we bet nothing else will look as appealing to you as this one! With the peaceful and calming vibes, the babybreath, shola flowers and the cotton balls are the 3 main things from the bunch that makes it look wholesome! The multiple and different types of flowers tied together in this bunch will make this one of the ideal flower bouquets for the bride on her special day. The added advantage is that you can also use this bouquet for a subtle wedding décor!

Peach Love Infinity Rose Bouquet

Are you looking for the perfect gift for bride who loves flowers? The stunning red and pink rose bouquet with a combination of preserved babysbreath and shola rose flowers along with the dried grasses give a mesmerising look to the bouquet, which makes it the ideal bouquet for the bride! Whether you want to present it to them or decorate the wedding home corners with the bouquets, you are open to use this in any form and make the ambience look wonderfully magical!

These are some of the top selling bridal flower bouquets that will take your attention away and make you happy like nothing else! For the brides who love flowers and bouquets, we bet you cannot get away with just ‘seeing’ these classy and elegant flower bouquets from Whispering Homes! Staying for a long period with you, the perfect maintenance and care of the bouquets will ensure that they do not lose their touch of beauty or vibrancy of colors.

Why should you decide to gift a mixed flower bouquet to the bride on her special day?

As already mentioned, flowers showcase your love and care towards that person and when it is a bouquet of dried flowers, they will know that your love for them will never just go away. With all the essence and properties of an original flower, the dried flower bouquets are all crafted beautifully, so that you do not feel the absence of the original ones!

Flowers being one of the subtle and thoughtful gifts of all times, you cannot deny that the bridal flower bouquets from Whispering Homes will be all in its glam and beauty to provide you with the mesmerizing freshness and grace! So, well, there is no reason why you should think otherwise for gifting a beautiful bouquet to the bride on her special day!

Where to find the best bridal bouquet online for such special days?

If you are in search of the perfect and the best bridal bouquet for special days such as weddings and anniversaries, then wait for everything else till you explore the page of Whispering Homes! With delicate and soothing flower bouquets and ravishing colors that will turn anyone’s day bright, we have a solid collection of bridal and wedding bouquets that will surely take your breath away. Making your special day extra special with the bouquet collection from Whispering Homes, we cannot but wait for you to pick the best with our help from here!

Visit bridal bouquet collection and check out the section designated only to bridal bouquets and choose the one you find pleasing yet subtle! To make Whispering Homes a part of your wedding day, do not delay in placing your order because there is no chance that we would like to take when it comes to making your “special day” extra special with love and beautiful bridal bouquets from our side!

Whispering Homes will be much obliged to help you deck up your wedding decors and be a part of the beautiful brides on their special day to help them gloom and make the day an epitome of perfection and beauty!