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We've sold millions of sola wood flowers, boasting the largest collection in India. Sola flowers are completely customizable. With traditional wedding florals, making sure the flowers match your wedding day color palette can be pretty tricky. Explore our variety of colors in sola flowers.

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Shola wood flowers (also known as sola) are an environmentally beneficial and long-lasting alternative to cut flowers. Shola wood flowers are formed from regenerated wood from a marshland plant (not tapioca or cassava, as many people believe) and last a lifetime. Because they are easy to colour, sola flowers are popular in bridal bouquets, DIY crafts, and home decor. We've put together a comprehensive guide to sola, with answers to frequently asked questions and our best advice! We're here to assist you in realizing your floral fantasies.

What is the origin of sola wood flowers?

Shola (or 'sola') wood flowers manufactured by Aeschynomene Aspera (sounds wonderful, doesn't it?) It's no surprise they're called sola.' It's a marsh plant that grows in the wild. It's a renewable resource and one of the lightest woods on the planet since it grows speedily. It's exceedingly similar to the sensation you get when you touch balsa wood.

A layer of bark covers the plant's internal, cork-like center (known as the 'cream'). Most blossoms have their bark stripped off and their centers sliced into thin strips. Shola wood flowers were fictitious from these hand-cut sheets. The bark is sometimes left on before the sheets are originating, giving the flower a unique two-tone look. These are known as 'bark flowers' or 'skin blossoms.'

What Are Some Uses of Sola Wood Flowers?

You may bring life to any occasion, event, or even your house via using sola wood flowers. A common interior design trend is wood flower arrangements. You can replace them with fresh flowers. These arrangements stay longer, and you won't have to worry about discarding faded flowers every three to four days. The following are some of the applications for sola wood flowers.

  • Bouquets for Weddings: Wedding bouquets constructed from sola wood flowers are becoming increasingly popular. Fresh flower bouquets are heavy, necessitate continuous watering, and the flower depends on the season. Those who use wood flower bouquets do not have to deal with such restrictions. These bouquets are tiny and don't require watering. They can be dyed any color and tailored to the bride's preferences. Most importantly, wedding sola wood flower bouquets are less expensive, allowing the bride to spend more on her wedding gown and cuisine or save for her honeymoon.
  • Arrangements for the Table: Floral arrangements are popular at weddings, parties, and even birthday celebrations. You can use sola wood flowers to accent the tables if you are having a sitting adjustment. Sola wood flowers can be utilized for many types of festivities and occasions, regardless of the sort of event. For a romantic meal, you can even adorn the tables.
  • Vase Decorations: Add a touch of natural beauty to your decor by arranging wood flowers in vases. You can hang flower vases to beautify the venue or organize them at the door. These lovely vase decorations will add a touch of elegance to your house or event. If you need to set vase decorations on each table during your event, you can buy dried flowers in bulk.
  • Birthday Celebrations: Add a touch of natural beauty to your decor by arranging wood flowers in vases. You can hang flower vases to beautify the venue or organize them at the door. These lovely vase decorations will add a touch of elegance to your house or event. If you need to set vase decorations on each table during your event, you can buy dried flowers in bulk.
  • Official or Business Events: Using flowers to decorate the venue can make official or business events unique and entertaining. If you're on a tight budget, though, fresh flowers are not necessary. Artificial flowers can help you make your corporate event a tremendous success. Wood flowers may improve the overall appearance of any event site, whether it is an office area or a banquet hall.

So, for your forthcoming event, use wood flowers to impress your visitors. Keep the flower arrangements in good condition so that you can utilize them for multiple occasions.

What makes a Shola Wood Flower such a great decoration item?

The Sola Wood Flower bouquet is a lovely way to show off the beauty of the Artificial Sola Flowers. You can now utilize a Shola Wood Flower as a dinner table centerpiece. From our online selection of Whispering homes you can choose from a vast range of magnificent and elegant masterpieces in a variety of forms, colors, and patterns for your home decor. You can now choose from a variety of modern and exquisite boutonniere to brighten up your home by ordering the best sola wood flower bunch online.

Our online store offers a wide range of elegant and stylish luxury sola wood flowers made of long-lasting and environmentally friendly materials. The big sola wood flower by Whispering Homes is available in different types of patterns and is ideal for showcasing all of your room's color and decor.

What are the advantages of buying from Whispering Homes?

Size, height, and style, as well as pricing, are all essential considerations when picking the appropriate Shola wood flowers for home décor. In terms of design, size, and texture, Whispering Homes provides an exquisite collection of sola wooden flowers as compared to other online retailers. Whispering Homes sells dried sola wood flowers, which you can buy in different shades of color. Take advantage of the latest discounts, seasonal specials, deals, offers, cash on delivery, and lowest rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the advantages of sola flower decoration?

Sola flowers are best replacements for fresh flowers as they require minimal maintenance. The texture and attractive shades of these go well with an array of color palettes.

Q2: How to clean sola flowers at home?

Use gentle hands to clean the dust particles on flowerheads. You can use a soft cloth to occasionally wipe the stems.

Q3: What are the tips to take care of sola flowers?

Exposure to sunlight is not recommended. Display in a humidity free space to ensure longer life span. Watering must be avoided.

Q4: How to use sola flowers for decoration purposes?

Sola flowers when combined in a bunch look beautiful as centerpieces adorned in designer vases. You can also use these for hanging on window panes, mantles, or above console tables.

Q5: What are the ways to decorate using sola flowers for different occasions?

Sola flowers can be used for decorating at any time of the year. Perfect pieces to add colorful shades during festivals, birthday parties, anniversaries, or get-together brunches. Also, ideal for gifting.