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Why are dried flowers trendy decor accents?

Whenever it comes to experimenting with things in home decor and interiors, you should always give a hand at trying new trends. This will not only keep you updated with the latest talk of the towns but will also help you to make a statement among your visitors at home. Dried flowers have become very popular among the crowds due to their aesthetic appealing looks and essence of nature vibes. People who are fond of colours, nature, aesthetics and home styling are giving a try to dried flowers as vase fillers for their home decor.

How dried flowers uplift your home decor?

Dried flowers are all about lively hues with an essense of summer and spring vibes which cheer up the corners of your home decor. Right from bright tones to natural rustic vintage looks you can experiment any look with your favourite dried blossoms. One of the best options to create a magical botanical display is to incorporate colourful blooms. One of the most loved decor accessories of all time, dried flowers are for long term decoration and require minimal care and maintenance. Dried flowers being versatile in nature can be either tied in a bouquet or can also be used as single stems to use as vase fillers for other flower arrangements. You get an easy option to create a colourful botanical display and liven up the empty dull corners of your home decor.

What are dried flowers?

Dried Flowers are freshly cut flowers like any other flower bouquet but what makes them different and unique is they are dehydrated naturally or through other artificial processes. They are carefully dried in such a manner that they do not lose their actual shape, colour and sometimes the scent. They become a little bit more fragile and delicate with an added rustic touch after the process of drying. Sometimes, to make an eye-catchy floral arrangement the stems of the dried flowers are given different hues and shades. Full efforts are made to retain the actual natural scent of flowers especially in case of lavenders or in order to make them more attractive and aesthetic some different unique artificial scents are also imparted in them. Apart from being decorative in nature, dried flowers bring in a natural rustic charm into the interior palette of your home decor.

What are the various methods through which dried flowers are prepared?

The fresh-cut flowers are dried in various ways. Here, look at some of the most famous and widely used ways to dry out flowers:

• Naturally: It is the most traditional way to make dried flowers with the help of natural air drying. Choose your flowers and tie them to make a collective bunch or bouquet. Now, hang this bunch of flowers in an upside-down position in an open air area or in some space that is fully ventilated to let the natural air cross through them. This will help in the drying out of flowers easily and evenly. Gradually the flowers will start changing their colours and attain a crisp and brittle texture. Hence, you can make your dried flowers easily in your home garden also.

• Using Microwave: one of the other methods to dry out flowers artificially is by using a microwave. One of the first steps to start from is cleaning the stems and petals of the flowers by removing any dirt or unwanted leaves so that they can aptly fit in the microwave safe container without being bent or crumbled. You can use silica gel to cover the flower in the dish and then microwave. Don't forget to keep an extra cup of water while microwaving so that the moisture content can be maintained and the flower can get dried easily without any chances of burning. Heat it in 30 seconds. Do it until the flower looks dry. This will take two to three minutes or will depend accordingly on the density of the flowers used. Once completely dried, take out the flower and display it.

• Pressing: The Flowers can also be dried easily by just accurately pressing them. This can be done by keeping the flowers in a properly aligned position for pressing inside old books or pressing using an iron. Ensure that you don't break their stems while doing the pressing procedure.

• Using Silica Gel: cut your flowers in a precise manner and place them in some tall vase or pot. Cover the flower petals with silica gel layers and do not forget to make sure that you cover them completely without missing any petals. Place a lid on top, or wrap them with saran plastic and set them aside for 3-5 days. Gently lift the flowers and try not to break the petals. You can also use a paintbrush to dust off the remaining silica gel from the petals and stems and provide a finished look.

Which flowers are best to dry?

1. Statice and Limonium because their petals are tight and short.
2. Hydrangeas, sunflowers and tulips are also beautiful to air dry.
3. Dahlias, Lavender, mongolia, dried palm leaves, thistles, globosa, african marigolds and banksia flowers are also the best seller dried flowers of all time.

What are the advantages of using Dried Flowers?

1. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and scents. Also, they can be altered according to someone's wish and liking.
2. They can be accessed and used in all seasons. You can also use the off-season flowers also after you've dried them.
3. There is no need to engage in the process of watering the plants again and again. Dried flowers require no water or comparatively less watering as compared to other flower arrangements. This is where dried flowers prove to be a low maintenance decor accessory.
4. Dried flowers are long-lasting as compared to fresh flowers. Their bouquets made for vases and decorations can last longer up to a year or so.
5. Since dried flowers have no pollen present in them they do not cause any allergies and there are no chances of any hay fever.

How to take care of dried flowers?

1. Avoid Sunlight: Try to keep the dried flower decor bouquets far away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause discoloration of the petals and make the flowers lose their vibrant nature.
2. Avoid watering: Watering dried flowers can increase the chances of humidity and growth of moulds on them. It will affect their life span.
3. Ensure Dusting: Dried petals of the flowers can be exposed to an extensive amount of dusty particles in the environment. Make sure to clean off the dust gently from them in regular intervals of time to maintain their look.

Why are dried flowers great for gifting?

Whether you are planning to visit a housewarming bash or a sophisticated dinner party, dried flowers are the best home decor gift items to choose from. A beautiful and eclectic bouquet of dried flowers is ideal to present as a token of your love on any special occasion or just regular visits to your loved ones. Dried flowers will liven up the theme decor at their place and bring in positive vibes to the ambience. Perfect decorative accessories to add a nice pop of colour, you can never go wrong with dried flowers as a gift. Best selling dried flowers for gifting are magnolia flower, globose flower, strawberry fruit flower, dried star flowers and many more.

Where can you get Dried Flowers?

As stated above in the methods mentioned to make the dried flowers, you can either make them on your own at home in your garden or you can also buy them online from home decor firms. Whispering homes presents a wonderful array of fried flowers which are handpicked blossoms, perfect to adorn in your favourite vases. Some of the most loved and crowd-pleasing dried flowers from whispering homes are Globosa flowers, Mongolia flowers, Baby's breath, dried star flowers, dried lavender, dried flower protea and many more.

Having come across various aspects related to dried flowers above, you should give them a try in your home decor and elevate your place's ambience.