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  1. Decor Crimson Jar - Small
  2. Decor Crimson Jar - Medium
  3. Decor Crimson Jar - Large
  4. Maze Jar - Small Maze Jar - Small
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    Decor Maze Jar - Small
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  5. Decor Maze Jar - Large
  6. Decor Shire Jar - Small
  7. Decor Shire Jar - Medium
  8. Decor Shire Jar - Large
  9. Decor Primrose Jar - Small
  10. Decor Arkle Jar - Small
  11. Decor Arkle Jar - Large
  12. Decor Hetfield Jar - Small
  13. Decor Hetfield Jar - Large
  14. Decor Orlov Jar - Small
  15. Decor Orlov Jar - Large
  16. Decor Percheron Jar - Small
  17. Decor Percheron Jar - Large
  18. Ceramic Haflinger Decorative Ginger Jar Haflinger Jar Small
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    Decor Haflinger Jar - Small
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  19. Decor Haflinger Jar - Large
  20. Decor Lucet Jar - Large
  21. Decor Lucet Jar - Medium
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Be inspired by our Bestsellers

Ceramic Temple Jars

When it comes to jars as the house decor, a specific tendency has emerged. Temple Jars that is! Chinese jars are an excellent interior décor because of their unique shape and curving profile. It's a conversation starter and will immediately become the room's center point. Anyone visiting your home will be drawn to it, especially if it comes in various sizes, colors, and styles. However, to get the most out of your jars, you must be able to locate that one exceptional piece that speaks to your sense of design.

Temple Jars as Home Decor

Here are a few of our favorites, including some modern takes on jars to brighten your space.

  • One's Influence: A solitary jar creates a tremendous impression when positioned tastefully. To utilize a central piece for your decor, get large jars with a unique design, such as a flowery or metallic print. For households with a more traditional style, a temple jar in a classic design, such as superb chinoiserie in traditional blue and white, is appropriate. A single blue white temple jar looks stunning in a home's foyer or as a dinner table centerpiece.
  • The more, the better: Two temple jugs are preferred over one. The asymmetrical arrangement of matching jars on either side of a mantel, entryway console, or bookcase offers a lovely symmetry. These can be utilized alone or with other decorative items such as figurines, candles, and floral arrangements. The "rule of threes" is a design trick that works well with yellow jars. Three distinct components combine to form the primary point: Using large jars in complementary patterns or colors can offer unexpected visual appeal to the decor.
  • Place Light and flowers: DIYers can make a table lamp from a jar. These jars can also be used as practical household items. First, remove the lid and exhibit it separately from the jar as a work of art. Next, fill an empty white jar with long-stemmed flowers for a unique table display. Finally, fill a jar with tiny seashells to give it a beach vibe.
  • Continuing the theme: Black jars can be used to create a piece or stand alone as a tribute to Asian art's rich past. Other decorative items that respect Asian decor include bamboo blinds, Buddha statues, porcelain garden benches, and oriental rugs. These items can be coupled with black temple jars to evoke a trip to Asia or transport you and your guests over the globe.

Why choose Whispering Homes for temple jars?

Whispering Homes has an extensive collection of Chinese jars than other internet vendors in design, size, and texture. These are available at Whispering Homes in various colors, including blue and white jars. Handcrafted by professional artisans, each jar is unique in style and pattern, adding an excellent addition to your house. In addition, our vast assortment of ceramic temple jars may add beauty to the decor by artistically filling empty areas or corners. You can put any jar in your home to personalize it.