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Timeless Photo Frames

There is not a single person who does not like to keep their memories treasured in a photograph! Photos are a genuine proof of having a time when you were right ‘in the moment’ with your loved ones, maybe laughing about something or frowning over things that made you upset. Seeing a photo takes you back right at the very moment when it was clicked and you recall everything that happened before and after it! That is the power of a photo and a memory that remains treasured forever.

Having a photo gallery on one of your home walls either in the living room, bedroom or in your hallways, is one of the trendiest things that are going on! Hoping on to this trend is the easiest one since you will have a wall décor of your choice without putting much effort. Photo frames or photo holders are now a common gift for people on their special occasion and an excellent way to deck up your home with all your favorite memories!

A framed wall with photos of different times of your life is an important element of any interior home décor. It does not matter whether you want to go for a Boho themed look, modern, contemporary or a traditional look with a touch of vintage style, the photo frames are a complementary in all interior designs! Photo frames do not only make your home look aesthetic and interesting, but it also defines your home and the people living there.

You can have photos from the time you went shopping with your family or friends, travelling times or simply celebrating some occasion together – laughing and giggling all the way to click some weird photos! You can even have some abstract painting framed on the wall or some pictures that have relevance to your life and the way you live. Photos speak without you having to speak about it!

Reasons Why You Should Have Pictured Frames in Your Home Interior Décor:

If you are still not convinced to get a wall devoted to photo frames in your home, then here are some more valid and eminent points that will make you sure about a photo gallery wall!

  • Choosing the color of the interior becomes easy – Choosing the color of the paints might be a difficult task for you, but if you have colorful photo frames on the walls, then you can stick to any color that you want. The color from the photo frames will complement the color of your walls and make your room look stunning as ever!
  • It draws attention – Everybody needs a certain element in their homes that will draw the immediate attention of the people coming over. This is usually done through accent walls or photo gallery walls filled with vintage frames, which will add an aesthetic touch to your room interior! When you see something unique and interesting on the walls of the living room, it automatically makes you attracted to it.
  • Provides a finishing to the room – When you are confused about how to fill the barren walls in your living room, you can simply go for some glass photo frames or wooden photo frames. These types of photo frames do not require to be matched with your wall colors because they have the capability to fit against any color paint. It provides a smooth finishing touch to the room's interior palette and makes it look complete!
  • They carry a story – Photo gallery walls often have messages or stories in them like the times you went on mountain trips or a beach vacation to freshen up your mood! These frames in itself narrate a story that will never let your living room go silent with your guests. There will always be something that comes up and stories that follow!

Not just for decorating your room with the perfect pictured frames, these types of photo holders are an excellent way to deck up your room with memories and cheerfulness!

Different Styles of Decoration with Photo Frames:

  • Try it on the staircase – The empty walls by the side of your staircase look boring, so team it up with some classy photo frames and fill your staircase with funky photos that will make it interesting! You can have family photos, art frames, or pictures of nature on the staircase walls.
  • Style up your hallways – The passages or hallways of your home deserve as much decoration as the rest of the house! Styling up your hallways with classy photo frames of scenic beauty or abstract photography is what will make it look amazing and ravishing. This will make your home look complete on a wholesome level!
  • Mix and match photo frame style – Your living room walls can have photo frames of different sizes and shapes that will make it look symmetrically aligned. You can have a mix of horizontal and vertical photo holders so that it gives an interesting visual dimension to the walls! On a greater level, this will make the entire room look classy and trendy.
  • Unique art gallery in the bedroom – The walls just behind your bedroom will not look good if they are kept empty! Creating a unique art gallery on your bedroom walls, filled with your favorite memories is what will make the bedroom your comfort space. Going back to this room and having a peaceful sleep after a hard day of work will rejuvenate you and make you super energized for upcoming events!

Apart from these, you can have other styles of decoration as well with the pictured frames. Colorful photo frames introduce a sense of cheerful vibes and excitement in the ambiance, so we say go for it!

A place for Shopping These Pictured Frames:

Getting different pictured frames of different shapes and sizes in one place is all you need. For that, you simply have to visit Whispering Homes and get home your favorite one from the royal and luxurious collection of frames! Whether it is that you want a glass photo frame or a wooden photo frame, you choose your style from us!

Pick your chosen frame and get your home all trendy and decorative with these as they are all set to make your place look beautiful and classy!