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  1. Kitchen & Dining Cresent Fork & Spoon Set
  2. Kitchen & Dining Stylish Ginko Brass Spoon 
  3. Kitchen & Dining Golden Cutlery Holder & Spoons
  4. Kitchen & Dining Gada Salt Pepper Shaker Wo
  5. Kitchen & Dining Gada Salt Pepper Shaker Wo Gold
  6. Kitchen & Dining Wooden Salt and Pepper Mill Grinder
  7. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Ice Bucket
  8. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Sugar Pot
  9. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Donut Teapot
  10. Kitchen & Dining Terracotta Clay Container with Lid
  11. Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Metal Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Metal
    SAVE 10%
    Kitchen & Dining Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Metal
    was ₹4,299.00 Special Price ₹3,869.00
  12. Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Wood Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Wood
    SAVE 10%
    Kitchen & Dining Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Wood
    was ₹3,999.00 Special Price ₹3,599.00
  13. Damas Fruit Bowl Marble
    SAVE 10%
    Kitchen & Dining Damas Fruit Bowl Marble
    was ₹6,599.00 Special Price ₹5,939.00
  14. Kitchen & Dining Aster Glass Cloche with Wooden Base
  15. Kitchen & Dining Single Tier Midas Cake Stand
  16. Kitchen & Dining Wooden Spoon Tableware
  17. Kitchen & Dining Stylish Wooden Spoon & Knife Set
  18. Kitchen & Dining Dome Shape Galss Cloche - Large
  19. Kitchen & Dining Dome Shape Galss Cloche - Medium
  20. Kitchen & Dining Brass Suri Spoons Holder
  21. Kitchen & Dining Mukhwaas Supari Spoon Holder
  22. Kitchen & Dining Mukhwaas Supari Toothpick Holder
  23. Kitchen & Dining Mukhwaas Supari Tray Reversible
  24. Kitchen & Dining Rupiyah Owl Box
  25. Kitchen & Dining Tharoor Hedgehog Box
  26. Kitchen & Dining Wooden Napkin Holder
  27. Kitchen & Dining Mango Wood Brown Cutlery Holder
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Be inspired by our Bestsellers

What are all kitchen utility items?

Kitchenware that is designed to comfort and enrich the process of cooking falls under this category. These items are one of the most essential parts of any kitchen and make it super functional and comparatively faster to complete tasks. The efficient use of such utilities makes cooking a joyful task and leads to hassle-free preparations. Utensils, dabbas, pots, containers, chapati boxes, kitchen sets, etc - all are included in one category. There are several new inventions in this category that are gaining popularity among the masses and taking place in almost every household nowadays. With modern technology, various unique kitchenware items are introducing the art of cooking and persuading people to try their hands at preparing different dishes easily.

Why choose brass utensils for cooking?

The traditional use of brass utensils for ages has proven health benefits. It’s high time to become conscious about health and find some natural means through which one can stay healthy. The use of industrial alloys that do not particularly contribute to health is now being replaced with metals like copper and pital. These metal utensils not only help in increasing immunity but also add other vital metallic properties to food and water cooked and stored inside it. Copper brass utensils are perfect to incorporate into your crockery and use daily. You will see a result in your health in a few days.

Why should you use a brass Dabba in your daily routine?

Brass is a quality metal that not only contributes to numerous health benefits but also increases the show of your crockery set. You can add a bit of lustre and traditional designs using brass in your cooking area. These dabbas are famously used for delivering tiffins from one place to another. They are convenient to use, super easy to handle, and have a tight grip which prevents any food leakage. Perfect to use for packing lunch for school, office, or a long trip. Brass dabbas are just the right utility pieces one must-have.

Where to buy kitchen utility items online?

Gone are those days when one had to search for quality utensils from shop to shop. Now, you can easily surf through various items online at a one-stop destination - whispering homes. Explore the kitchenware tab  and choose an item according to your need. If you are planning to experiment by trying something new then you should go for a brass ghee pot, brass chapati box, & pital kitchen sets. You will fall in love with the exclusive range. Visit the official website now.

Why choose whispering homes for purchasing kitchen utility?

Whispering homes provide a vivid collection to choose from. It's an exclusive collection worth falling in love with. Making the experience of cooking much more enjoyable and easier, whispering homes strive to provide the best quality kitchen items to their customers. There is a huge variety you can choose from. Different sizes, designs, and structures of utensils allowed you to make a wise choice according to your requirement. Easy to handle and for daily needs, you can buy these items at reasonable prices. 

How are kitchen utility items perfect for gifting purposes?

These are just the right accents to choose for gifting your loved ones on special occasions. You can select from a variety of pieces and gift according to your budget. Highly functional and super useful, these are quality pieces that will last longer and prove beneficial for your friends and family. Shop now and surprise your loved ones.

What are the different kitchen utility items you can find on the whispering homes website?

Masala Box: The authentic masala box forms an integral part of any kitchen, especially in India. This spice box is made of quality material and has a minimalist design which looks aesthetic on the shelf.

Dabbas: Perfect to pack lunch or food for a long trip. Keeps food inside it super fresh and hot. You can always carry them for snacks or small meals.

Ghee pot: A traditional look and clean finish of a ghee pot are ideal to store ghee on your dining table set-up. The handmade structure and embossed design provide it with a more realistic shape.

Coasters: Decorate your dining table with these handmade brass coasters that look super-rich in any corner. Place it on the side table, coffee table, or on counters.

Mortar & Pestle (okhli): The most used item in any Indian household. This traditional design of okhli in a new modern avatar wins everyone's heart. It is a perfect gift to choose for your loved ones.

Do not delay and grab the chance to experience cooking with these eye-catching pieces. Shop now!