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  1. Kitchen & Dining Terracotta Clay Container with Lid
  2. Kitchen & Dining Brass Roti Tawa
  3. Kitchen & Dining Iron Dosa Tawa
  4. Kitchen & Dining Iron Roti Tawa
  5. Kitchen & Dining Handcrafted Brass Dibbi
  6. Kitchen & Dining Brass Frypan with Handle
  7. Kitchen & Dining Brass Ghee Pot With Lid & Spoon
  8. Kitchen & Dining Brass Karchi/Laddle
  9. Kitchen & Dining Brass Spice Box
  10. Kitchen & Dining Brass Tiffin Box - 2 Box
  11. Kitchen & Dining Brass Tiffin Box - 3 Box
  12. Kitchen & Dining Brass Karchi/Ladles - Set of 4
  13. Kitchen & Dining Copper Tiffin Box - 2 Box
  14. Kitchen & Dining Copper Tiffin Box - 3 Box
  15. Kitchen & Dining Wooden Napkin Holder
  16. Kitchen & Dining Mango Wood Brown Cutlery Holder
  17. Kitchen & Dining Mango Wood Serving Spoon
  18. Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Metal Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Metal
    SAVE 10%
    Kitchen & Dining Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Metal
    was ₹4,299.00 Special Price ₹3,869.00
  19. Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Wood Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Wood
    SAVE 10%
    Kitchen & Dining Damas 2-Tier Cake Stand Marble Wood
    was ₹3,999.00 Special Price ₹3,599.00
  20. Damas Fruit Bowl Marble
    SAVE 10%
    Kitchen & Dining Damas Fruit Bowl Marble
    was ₹6,599.00 Special Price ₹5,939.00
  21. Kitchen & Dining Aster Glass Cloche with Wooden Base
  22. Kitchen & Dining Single Tier Midas Cake Stand
  23. Kitchen & Dining Stylish Wooden Spoon & Knife Set
  24. Kitchen & Dining Dome Shape Galss Cloche - Large
  25. Kitchen & Dining Dome Shape Galss Cloche - Medium
  26. Kitchen & Dining Rupiyah Owl Box
  27. Kitchen & Dining Tharoor Hedgehog Box
  28. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Coaster
  29. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Ice Bucket
  30. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Donut Teapot
  31. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Pan - Round
  32. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Pan - Trapezium
  33. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Pumpkin Teapot
  34. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Sugar Pot
  35. Kitchen & Dining Cresent Fork & Spoon Set
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Be inspired by our Bestsellers

When it comes to buying kitchenware items for your kitchen, it is not always the glass and ceramic items that we look for. Sometimes, we feel like going a little different from the others and get hold of brass and copper items as well! This desire of yours is not something that is impossible or something that you will find it difficult to acquire because Whispering Homes is here with all the unique and different items that you need for your kitchen!

Decorating your kitchen with the royal and luxurious items is something that will not just add glory to your kitchen but also to your entire home! A well decorated and organised kitchen is far more attractive than anything else. So, when you get the opportunity to purchase items that will glorify and add grace to your kitchen, why leave it!

We know how cooking involves so many items! Whether it is the kadai, frying pan or simple spoon holder, you need to organise everything so that you can find the right thing at the right time! With a touch of luxury and royalty, we are ready to serve you the best of items for you!

So, hold your breath as we list out some of the precious and unique cookware items from our kitchenware store of Whispering Homes!

. Copper cookware – Copper cookware has its own charm! The flavours of the food hits a different tone when you are cooking in a copper cookware item! Whether it is the unique hammered lagan, copper handi or the copper frying pan that you need to grace your kitchen with, you will find the best quality products in Whispering Homes! The copper frying pan with brass handles is one of the most purchased items from our store because of its great utility and purpose. You will surely not regret cooking flavoursome food here!

. Brass cookware – Why not decorate your dining table with some classy brass coasters instead of the regular ones? Get your guests swayed away by the delightful and bright coated brass coasters and some classy masala box for storing the original flavours of the spices! The brass snacks stand from the Whispering Homes uplifts the statement of your dining table and kitchen with its all-round beauty and grace. Get hold of the brass saucepan and kadhai to have some aromatic and tasty food right out of your kitchen!

. Crescent fork and spoon – Get beautiful sets of crescent spoons and forks along with their stands that will be the perfect pair for your kitchen! You can choose from the available sizes of the spoons available in Whispering Homes and get hold of the ones you require for your kitchen. The holders of the spoon set are even more delightful to watch because of its shine and glittery texture of the items!

Apart from these, you can get copper pots and copper pans along with some pital cookware to organise and get the true glory of your kitchen! Everything you want is available in our store with the assured best quality of products at the most affordable prices!

Decorating and organising the kitchen is important because it helps you in finding the right items at the right time. How lost would you feel if you could not find the perfect sauce pan that you need for boiling the milk or the needed spoons for serving your guests with food? To take you out of this misery, it is always better that you get things that can keep your kitchen well organised and arranged.

Also, cooking in copper and brass cookware items is beneficial for your health. The charismatic aroma and the flavoursome taste of the food is appropriate when it comes to cooking in such cookware! This was one of the reasons why people earlier used to cook their food in such containers and store them here as well.

Uplifting the style statement of your kitchen means having something unusual that will make your kitchen different from the others. You can have brass coasters on your dining table (which not many of the homes will have) and it will be the first thing that will attract the eyes of people coming over to your place! The brass cookware, copper kadhai and crescent spoon set will make your kitchen have a taste of royalty and luxury. It will make your guests get intrigued by the way you have decorated and organised your kitchen and dining space with the uncommon yet classy items!

There is no doubt in saying that people are coming back to the trend of having an old styled kitchen with classy items because of their sheer elegance and beauty! No matter what style of home décor you have, if you have a kitchen filled with such items and a dining table being decorated with them, you are already being unique and different in your own zone and charming way!

Buy the classy and elegant cookware and kitchenware items online from anywhere in India through Whispering Homes and get the best deals ready for you to bag! You can get multiple options to choose from and the wide range of collections will definitely make your heart skip a beat and make you fall in love with all of them, without a second doubt! Avail festive discounts and offers and have the best quality products from our store.

The top notch thing is the packaging and the delivery of your ordered items. Wait for a maximum time period of one week and you will be surprised to get your package right outside your door!

It is time to grace your kitchen with all the things that you wished for and get them online from Whispering Homes! Have a charismatic cooking session with our cookware items and make the best tasting foods ready right from your kitchen!