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We Say You To Go For Glass Straws!

We would not be surprised if you come at us looking shocked when we mention anything about glass straws! As uncommon as it sounds, it is also one of the trendiest things that is going on in the world of interior decoration. So, why will you be the one to be left behind in the trends? It is time to uplift the style statement of your kitchen and make some wonders with the all new glass straws!

Everybody will agree how easy and convenient it is to sip liquids through a straw rather than directly having it from the glass or cup. Whether you are walking, working or even driving, you can have sips of your favorite juice, coffee, water or other beverages through straws without the thought of spilling it by mistake! When you have kids in your car and you need to drive, the best way to keep them hydrated is by letting them have juices and water from their bottles with the help of straws. 

Now, you may wonder what glass straw is and why is it that we are sticking to it rather than the usual plastic straws! So, hold on, as all your questions will be answered here, making you convinced to get some glass straws for your use!

What are glass straws?

The easiest way to describe a glass straw is itself! The straws, which are made from glass and not plastic, are glass straws. They are eco-friendly and reusable, which makes them all the way more popular nowadays. Apart from its utility purpose, glass straws are a wonderful way to upgrade your crockery set and decorate your dining table with glass bottles, glasses and glass straws.

To add a touch of spark to your kitchenware and dining table, decorating with glass straws and glass bottles are one of the chic ways! The classiness and the aesthetic vibes that you get from having glass straws displayed on your table along with other glass stuff is something that you will not get from anything else and is also one of the things that will make all your guests fall in love with it. 

Are Glass Drinking Straws Suitable for Everyday Use?

While making up your mind for buying drinking straws, you may often wonder if glass straws are suitable for everyday use. So, let us tell you that yes, it is the correct and the right replacement for plastic straws! It is mostly so because it is sustainable and not harmful at all.

Since glass is a delicate material, the chances of it breaking or cracking are more. However, the glass straws from Whispering Homes are made from strong glass that will prevent your glass straws from breaking just by falling down. They are not so easily breakable, which makes it the right fit for your drinking. 

Apart from this, glass straws are not harmful. Since the chemical properties in glass is minimal or none at all, there is no chance of the taste of your drink getting altered or changed. Even if you store your drink for long hours in a glass bottle and use a drinking straw for sipping it, the taste and healthy properties of the drink will remain the same.

The glass straws can also be cleaned and stored after use, as they are reusable drinking straws.

How to Clean Glass Drinking Straws?

Though the cleaning of glass straws is easy, all you need to be is a bit careful when you are handling them so that they do not break.

For cleaning your glass straws with hand, you can gently put in dishwasher liquid and clean it with a special type of brush available that gets inside the straw and cleans the boundary of the straws till the end. You can use both warm water and running water for cleaning purposes. However, make sure that the water is not too warm, as hot water may lead to cracking of the glass straws. For drying them, you can wipe off the water from the outside with a towel and place them on the rack or shelf and wait for the inside of the straw to dry completely before using it further.

Clean drinking straws are a plus point and glass straws look wonderful when they are crystal clean. This is one of the attractive things about glass straws, which can make your guests change their mind about it as well!

How to Store Glass Straws?

Storing the glass straws does not require any special thing. You can store it in your kitchen rack, shelf or place it in a glass container on your dining table for the perfect display. The mug or glass on the table with the glass straws will look attractive and give an aesthetic look to the entire table!

Types of Drinking Glass Straws:

There are different types of glass straws that you can have for your home. Starting from crystal glass straws to straw colored, you will get everything from the wide range of collections in Whispering Homes! There are different designer straws that may have a flamingo, monkey, octopus or a lady bird on top of the straws. These types of designer straws are a good way to make kids drink water and keep them hydrated!

You can even get a set of glass straws in multicolor for decorating your table in a unique way!

Where to Get the Best Glass Straws and Why Choose it?

To get the best set of glass drinking straws in different colors and designs with the best quality glass at an affordable price, you need to visit Whispering Homes! Starting from the wide variety of options that you get to the way the items are packed and sent to you in quick delivery, there is no way you can miss out decorating your home with our home decor products. Avail different offers and discounts on select items for the best price and get unique stuff for making your home look pretty!

When you are thinking about redefining your kitchen and dining table with new and trendy looks, hop in to get the best colorful glass straws and discard any second thoughts that you are having about it!