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  1. Kitchen & Dining Cut Chai Glasses (Set Of 4)
  2. Kitchen & Dining Ufo Cup Saucer Set Of 2
  3. Kitchen & Dining Ufo Cup Saucer Set Of 2 With Mini Jar
  4. Kitchen & Dining Elixir Karafe With Stopper
  5. Kitchen & Dining Rx Karafe
  6. Kitchen & Dining Traditional Clay Donut Water Bottle
  7. Kitchen & Dining Water Bottles - Pause (Set of 2)
  8. Kitchen & Dining Water bottles - Flower (Set of 2)
  9. Kitchen & Dining Verdure Pitcher
  10. Kitchen & Dining Hammered Pitcher
  11. Kitchen & Dining Verdure Glass - Set of 6
  12. Kitchen & Dining Hammered Glass - Set of 6
  13. Kitchen & Dining Verdure Pitcher Set
  14. Kitchen & Dining Hammered Pitcher Set
  15. Kitchen & Dining Rose Glass (set of 4)
  16. Kitchen & Dining Audrey Glass (set 0f 4)
  17. Kitchen & Dining Hammered Pitcher Set Gift Box
  18. Kitchen & Dining Verdure Pitcher Set Gift Box
  19. Kitchen & Dining Rose Glass Gift Box (Set of 4)
  20. Kitchen & Dining Brass Jug with Lid
  21. Kitchen & Dining Brass Tea Pot with lid 1 Lt
  22. Kitchen & Dining Copper Water Bottle
  23. Kitchen & Dining Brass Cocktail Glass With Gift Box
  24. Kitchen & Dining Copper Water Jug 1.25 L
  25. Kitchen & Dining Copper Water Flask With Lid
  26. Kitchen & Dining Copper Jug Set with 6 Glasses
  27. Kitchen & Dining Copper Jug
  28. Kitchen & Dining Kansa Glass Set - 2 pcs
  29. Kitchen & Dining Brass Cup Set
  30. Kitchen & Dining Brass Glass
  31. Kitchen & Dining Copper Water Jug 1.5 Lt
  32. Kitchen & Dining Copper Mug
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160 items

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Sip in Style: Discover Whispering Homes' Exquisite Drinkware Collection

Explore the wonderful universe of drinkware at Whispering Homes, where every sip promises a delightful experience. Our curated collection of drinkware is designed to soar your beverage enjoyment, from morning coffees to evening cocktails. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship, and style, we invite you to check our diverse range of glassware and accessories.


Our flagship category, Drinkware, boasts a versatile range of glasses, mugs, and cups that elevate your daily sipping routine. Start your day with a hot cup of coffee in a stylish mug or unwind in the evening with your favorite cocktail in stylish glass.


For the wine connoisseurs and those who appreciate the finer details, our selection chic Glassware selection is a treasure trove. Explore through our wine glasses, champagne flutes, and whiskey tumblers that enhance the flavors and aromas of your drinks.

Containers and Dispensers

Keep your beverages fresh and accessible with our Containers and Dispensers. From sleek glass pitchers to airtight containers for your tea leaves and coffee beans, we have your storage needs covered.

Drinkware Accessories

Complete your drinkware ensemble with our polished Drinkware Accessories. From coasters that protect your surfaces to stylish cocktail shakers, these accessories add the finishing touch to your sipping experience.


Relax and enjoy your favorite beverages in our versatile Glasses/Tumblers. From classic highball glasses to sturdy tumblers, find the perfect vessels to suit your drinking style.

Wine Glasses

Raise your glass to the art of wine appreciation with our exquisite Wine Glasses. Whether you prefer red, white, or sparkling, our classy wine glasses are designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of your favorite vintages.

Cocktail Glasses

Ascend your mixology game with our stunning Cocktail Glasses. Crafted for both aesthetics and functionality, these glasses are the perfect companions for crafting your favorite cocktails.

Whisky & Spirit Glasses

For whisky connoisseurs and spirit enthusiasts, our Whisky & Spirit Glasses are a must-have. Enjoy the nuances of your favorite liquors with these specialized glasses.

Beer Glasses

Beer lovers, rejoice as our exclusive collection of Beer Glasses is designed to augment the flavors and aromas of your brews. Whether you prefer a pint glass or a beer mug, we have you covered.

Champagne Glasses

Celebrate life's special moments with our minimalistic Champagne Glasses. These glasses add a touch of sophistication to any toast.

Bar Glassware

Create your own home bar experience with our timeless Bar Glassware. From shakers to muddlers, we offer a wide range of bar accessories to craft the perfect cocktails.

Water Dispensers

Stay hydrated in style with our Water Dispensers. These dispensers are not just functional; they're also chic additions to your dining or office spaces.


Store and serve your favorite beverages with our handcrafted Bottles, Decanters, and Pitchers. These pieces are perfect for everything from water to wine.


Enjoy your morning brew with our embellished Kettles. Designed for both style and efficiency, they make brewing your favorite hot beverages a joy.

Mason Jars

Experience rustic charm with our Mason Jars. Perfect for serving cocktails, lemonades, or even as decorative pieces.


Uplift your table settings with our beautiful Carafe collection. These sparkling vessels are perfect for serving wine, water, or other beverages.

Complete your drinkware experience with our selection of Drinkware Accessories. From stylish coasters to ice buckets, these accessories add the finishing touches to your beverage presentation.

At Whispering Homes, we take pride in offering drinkware that combines craftsmanship and quality. Each piece in our collection is carefully selected to ensure it meets the highest standards of design and durability. Our modern glassware is not just functional; it's a statement of style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choosing the right drinkware depends on your beverage preferences and lifestyle. If you enjoy wine, our glassware collection is perfect. For everyday use, our Drinkware category offers a wide variety of options.

Absolutely. We offer glassware made from high-quality materials to ensure durability. Proper care and maintenance will keep your glassware looking pristine for years.

Yes, our collection includes elegant glassware that's perfect for special occasions, whether it's a romantic dinner or a festive celebration.

Yes, our Drinkware Accessories category includes a range of items that can complement your existing drinkware collection and enhance your overall experience.


Enhance your drinking experience with Whispering Homes' Drinkware collection. Whether you're sipping your morning coffee or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, our drinkware adds a touch of sophistication and style to every moment. Explore our diverse categories and find the perfect pieces to enhance your sipping rituals. Sip in style with Whispering Homes.