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  1. Kitchen & Dining Cresent Brass Thaali Set Full
  2. Kitchen & Dining Hookka Thaali 12 Gold Kalai
  3. Kitchen & Dining Hookka Thaali 8 Gold Kalai
  4. Kitchen & Dining Hookka Thaali 9.5 Gold Kalai
  5. Kitchen & Dining Brass Thali 11 inch
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What is a Thaali?

A that is a big platter generally of the round size that is an eminent part of every Indian kitchen. Handcrafted from various materials and embossed with designs and styles, every dining set-up is incomplete without thalis. Generally, used to eat and serve dishes, these also add a very decorative touch to your kitchen and look stunning when displayed on shelves, counters, and dining areas. A perfect thali can make your meal look wholesome and also compliment your dining table with its appeal. 

Why choose a copper thali set for your kitchen?

Copper is the traditional metal of India which has been used for thousands of years in our kitchen. A scientifically approved metal widely known for its properties that are good for health and show a tremendous increase in daily wellness. It's an essential element that adds to the well-being of the human body. The copper set is a crowd-pleasing utensil category not only known for its benefits but also for its beauty that enhances your kitchen and provides a sophisticated touch to the dining table. This copper set consists of simple and aesthetic pieces that will upgrade the kitchen of your living space.

How do Kansa thali & brass thali enhance the look of your dining table? 

The conventional metal and brass are the new crowd-pleasers in the crockery category that are winning people’s hearts nowadays. Perfect pieces to step out of the use of usual steel plates or ceramic plates - the brass and Kansa add an eye-pleasing look to your dining table set-up and also look elegant in your kitchen. These come in a variety of sizes and the most prominently used are the big ones.

Round big ones made of quality material provide a royal look to your dining table. Enjoy your food to the best by using these.

What makes a Kansa dinner set a perfect gift?

When in doubt? Go for a dinner set! This has been a policy followed by many people when it comes to gifting on occasions like weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, etc. Kansa dinner set thalis are just the right pieces for gifting purposes because of their unique color and highly functional aspect. Copper sets and Kansa sets are widely used gifting products. Useful and easy to handle you can check copper prices online and get a set delivered to your loved one's place. You'll get appreciated for such a lovely gift.

How to order an online thali set?

You can now easily get access to quality  sets online and shop your desired piece while sitting at any corner of the country. Good quality copper set, Kansa dinner set, & Kansa set now get delivered right at your doorstep from Whispering homes. Log on to your official website and browse a range of different pieces and dinner sets to add a charming look to your kitchen decor. Make a chic style statement while hosting a lunch or dinner at your place. Make a mark and spread the word regarding the useful health benefits of these metal and kansa.

Why choose Whispering Homes for buying online thali sets?

Whispering Homes provides a wide range to choose from at your convenience. Genuine copper thali price and variety of designs give incredible insight into different metal pieces and allow you to choose according to your need. You get the best quality at economical price ranges. Dinner sets and individual pieces  that last longer and also work perfectly for gifting purposes. For more options, explore our official website. Log on to whispering homes

How to use different thali sets at your home?

  1. For meals: Hosting a dinner night or brunch for your loved ones? Kansa and metal ones are perfect to use for serving food. An old concept presented in a new modern avatar, these pieces and dinner sets will look rich and add an authentic touch to any dining table. 
  2. For Pujas: Perfect to use for puja purposes. You can keep different items required for a puja or havan in these. Considered to be a 'dhatu', these will work in every puja, ritual, or traditional ceremony. Large sized help in keeping all the necessary items in one place to avoid any last-minute hassle. 
  3. For decoration: Kansa and copper sets are very useful for decoration purposes also. You keep flowers, ornaments, fruits, or any other item on them. These look authentic and classic when displayed even for decoration purposes in your living room, hallways, balcony etc.