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  1. Kitchen & Dining Damas Lazy Suzan Marble
  2. Kitchen & Dining Reva Marble Platter White (Small)
  3. Kitchen & Dining White Marble Serving Platter (Medium)
  4. Kitchen & Dining Reva Platter Brown M
  5. Kitchen & Dining Reva Platter Brown L
  6. Kitchen & Dining Single Tier Midas Cake Stand
  7. Kitchen & Dining Three Leaf Decorative Midas Platter
  8. Kitchen & Dining Vaze Metal Chip n Dip Platter - Black
  9. Kitchen & Dining Algar Metal Platter - Blue & Silver
  10. Kitchen & Dining Suri Platter 2 Tier
  11. Kitchen & Dining Suri Platter L
  12. Kitchen & Dining Suri Platter S
  13. Kitchen & Dining Mango Wood Rectangular Platter
  14. Bagh Collection Stoneware Platter Bagh Collection Stoneware Platter
    Kitchen & Dining Bagh Collection Stoneware Platter
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What are platters?

The category of Platters is a type of dishware known for its different sizes, shapes, material, and design. These are renownedly used for serving food, keeping accessories, and even for home decoration. This versatile genre of homeware is perfect to incorporate trendy designs and styles into your living space and uplift the style statement by leaps and bounds. The unique quotient and designer appeal of these distinguish them from any other utensils.

Why choose designer platters for your kitchen?

It's time to step out of the conventional home decor style and experiment with something unique which is functional also. This is one such category that not only proves to be super functional but also adds a stylish appeal to your kitchen shelves. The conventional dining set-up can now be turned into an absolute style statement with designer pieces. These are ideal crockery pieces that complement each corner of your kitchen. Either on shelves, kitchen counters, or the dining table. Food, when presented in such quality ceramic pieces, looks ravishing and tempting. If you're a cooking enthusiast and love the art of food styling, then these are the ultimate crockery items to have.

What makes a platter a unique crockery item?

Why choose a big dinner plate for munching small food products like nuts or seeds when you can always go for stylish and designer serving trays. After all, It's all about how you present a thing in your home decor. Presentation holds a decent importance especially when it comes to food! This is one such category of serving platters that prove to be highly functional and adds value to your lifestyle. The clean ceramic finish and embossed patterns make this category super unique and crowd-pleasing. These come in different sizes and are versatile enough to blend in with any kitchen theme or dining table. Special structures and designs inspired by nature like the shape of leaves, shells, flowers, etc. give quirky appeal to these serving dishes and are ideal to add a certain theme to the ambiance of your living space.

Why are platters the best gifting items?

We all firmly believe that gift items are more appreciated when they are super useful and also add some kind of value to lives. Crockery has been a widely chosen gift item all over the world. When in doubt, just go for a crockery set or any specific ceramic piece to use as a gift for your friends and family. Often these crockery items tend to be considered conventional pieces, but trendy addition in this category is one of the hot topics of kitchenware nowadays. It's the best category of homeware to use as a home decor gift for your loved ones. We bet your friends and family will love it and make the most use of it.

Why choose Whispering homes for purchasing platters online.

Whispering homes bring you an exquisite collection of ceramic platters that will transform the look of your kitchen and also add a stylish appeal to your dining table. Handpicked pieces made of quality ceramics are embossed with designer patterns. The clean finish and rich appeal look super stylish when adorned on a dining table. Choose these to rejuvenate your dining table set-up or place these as decorative elements in any corner of your house. These can also be utilized for holding things like accessories, nuts, and snacks. At whispering homes, a super functional and elegant collection of dinnerware platters steal everyone's heart! Shop the latest designs, styles, and color in this category. Some of our favorite picks include Olive green peacock ceramic platter, Ivory rectangular ceramic platter, Black shell ceramic platters, and many more. Visit us now.

How to incorporate a decorative platter into your home decor?

  1. Dining table - The super fun spot of the house has always been the dining table and a proper set-up would make anyone's day super special. These are ideal items to use for serving food in a more sophisticated manner. After all, who doesn't like to eat tasty meals on a designer ceramic serving kitchen platter? Now, you can get the chic restaurant feel and present food in a more stylish avatar with these beautiful pieces. 
  2. Kitchen: Uplift the ambiance of your kitchen and add these eye-catching ceramic serving trays to the shelves. These can be used to display on the counters and prove to be functional in holding any food items. The colorful shades, unique designs, and quality ceramic material look elegant as a kitchen addition. 
  3. Coffee table: The snacking hours are always looked forward to! These are perfect to serve any kind of snack. Enjoy your drinks, tea, or coffee with tempting snacks served on these decorative crockery pieces. 
  4. For parties: What can be a better option than designer ceramic serving platters to serve starters in your house party. These decorative pieces are just the perfect item to serve food when you're hosting a party or get-together with friends and family. Perfect crockery items to make a chic style statement among your visitors.

Why wait then? Grab the chance of shopping from the exclusive crockery collection available online on our website. Visit whispering homes now for more exciting offers & deals.