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  1. Kitchen & Dining Firdaus Bowls - Tall Set Of 2
  2. Kitchen & Dining Firdaus Bowls - Short Set Of 2
  3. Kitchen & Dining Firdaus Bowls - Tall Set Of 6
  4. Kitchen & Dining Firdaus Bowls - Short Set Of 6
  5. Kitchen & Dining Juliette Bowls (Set Of 2)
  6. Kitchen & Dining Hookka Katori Gold Kalai Large
  7. Kitchen & Dining Hookka Katori Gold Kalai Small
  8. Kitchen & Dining Copper Brass Jointed Bowls
  9. Kitchen & Dining Come Chini 3" D
  10. Kitchen & Dining Gulbagh Fruit Bowl
  11. Kitchen & Dining Remy Gold Bowl - Large
  12. Kitchen & Dining Remy Gold Bowl - Small
  13. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Clay Soup Bowl
  14. Kitchen & Dining Deza Black Triangular Serving Bowl
  15. Kitchen & Dining Kai Wooden Bowl
  16. Kitchen & Dining Coloful Desert Bowl Pink - Set Of 2
  17. Kitchen & Dining Mango Wood Round Bowl
Set Descending Direction

34 Items

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A bowl is a round dish or container that is used in the kitchen and for serving meals. Its interior is usually designed to look like a spherical cap, with a continuous curve from the corners to the bottom. Because the contents are naturally concentrated in the bowl's center by gravity, these are particularly well accustomed to holding liquids and loose food. A bowl's exterior is most commonly circular, but it can be any shape, including rectangular.

Bowls range in size from small ones that are used to hold a single serving of food to huge ones that are used to keep or store multiple portions of food, such as punch or salads., cups and plates all have a bit of overlap. Cups are widely used to describe very small bowls, such as for tea.

These are the most prevalent type of vessels used to serve and eat food in various cultures. Small ones were traditionally used to serve tea and alcoholic beverages. In Western culture, plates and mugs are more commonly used. Whispering homes provide different types of like for serving, such as teacups, and for soup.

Various Types

The addition of a serving set from Elementary elevates the aesthetic of the dining table. Nothing beats the variety of bowls, platters, wooden roti boxes, and trays from Elementary for a family get-together. Despite a vast list of must-haves, here are the five different types that will enhance the beauty of your dining table.

  • Glass: Serving Bowls are the most prevalent sort found in people's kitchens. They are simple to use and suitable for a variety of applications. Furthermore, glass ones are safe to use in both dishwashers and microwaves. They are available in a variety of eye-catching styles that would look lovely on the dinner table. Even with all of its appealing appearance, the glass needs to handle with caution.
  • Earthenware: It is a good idea to keep food in these which are composed of terracotta or clay, and are nutrient-dense. Heat resistance is a feature that makes these crowd-pleasers. You would not notice that the utensil is hot while serving the food. Additionally, earthen pots are organic and do not release any harmful pollutants when heated to high temperatures. They are safe to eat and safe to use on the stove. It is quite safe to eat directly from these.
  • Ceramic: Many individuals enjoy using ceramic bowls throughout the world. We specialize in creating desirable ceramic products in a wide range of colors, themes, textures, and designs at Elementary. Crockery look more enticing when your family gets together. These are an absolutely stylish addition to any dinner table.

You can use them to serve food, fruit, or soup. These are sure to be a tremendous hit with your guests. Elementary handcrafted pieces can offer a touch of elegance to our dining settings. They also follow international food safety guidelines.

  • Metal: These are available in a variety of sizes at Elementary for storing fruits and vegetables. Salad bowls in Matt Silver with a beautiful finish are ideal for serving salads or snacks. On the table with fresh fruits, a mix of metal and enamel looks lovely. The Copper Hammered Metal bowls are ideal for any event and can be used daily due to their ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Wooden: Using these to serve your meal will make it look more appetizing. Nature and time have sculpted the natural texture of the wood. Using that as a starting point, our artists embellish it with hand-painted patterns and food-safe finishes, making it ideal for fruit presentations. It is good for your health and the environment to have sustainable and food-friendly cutlery in your kitchen. The pieces in your kitchen should reflect your way of living. An ideal kitchen is well-organized and uses environment friendly utensils. These are a must-have item in any kitchen. They are best for a variety of occasions such as family gatherings, celebrations, and so on.

Why are bowls such a popular decorative item?

You may now brighten up your kitchen and dining table with this set, which comes in a variety of tempting and rich works. Whispering Homes offers a wide variety of these sets for your home decor in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

Our store carries a wide range of elegant and fashionable picks made of long-lasting and environment friendly materials. The gorgeous hand-picked pieces from Whispering Homes come in a range of patterns and are ideal for displaying all of your dining table's styles and décor.

Why is Whispering Homes the ideal shopping destination?

Whispering Homes provides a much larger assortment of exclusive pieces than other online retailers. Whispering Homes offers a variety of serving Bowls in a variety of patterns on its website. 

Each piece is unique in terms of pattern and style, making it a charming addition to any home. Our online store has a wide selection of lovely and stylish collections. Pieces from our extensive collection can be utilized to improve the beauty of a room by filling up empty spaces or corners in an artistic manner. Our collection's focus points are the dining table and kitchen. The promising quality of our collection wins everyone’s heart!