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How To Uplift Your Kitchen With Some Stunning Decanters

Whenever we think about decorating our kitchen and dining space with unique stuff, it is always some posters or wall arts that come to our minds. What we often forget is that decoration can be done with useful stuff as well. Glass bottles, glass straws, decanters and carafes are some of the most stunning items that can uplift the look of your kitchen and dining space within a blink of an eye! So, why not go for them that will serve both your purpose of decorating and being useful?

It does not matter the type of kitchen you have or the size of the kitchen. Even small kitchens can be decorated beautifully that will make your entire home shine! Things like glass decanters and carafes add an additional spark to your kitchen, giving it a touch of rich and luxurious décor. 

The best thing about carafes and decanters is that they are in for a dual purpose, which means you can use them to their full potential and also, decorate your dining table with it for a wholesome view! If you want to check out some classy looking glass decanters and carafes with lids, then Whispering Homes is at your service for providing you one of the best pieces.

What are Decanters and Carafes?

In case you are entirely new to the concept of decanters and carafes, here is a small introduction for you that will definitely help you in deciding what type of decanters you would like to have for your kitchen and dining table!

A decanter is a vessel that is used to hold liquids, which contains sediment. The sediment settles down at the bottom of the decanter, making it easier for you to pour the liquid into glasses for the best taste. Decanters are usually used for the decantation of wine and later serving them. However, it can also be used for other liquids. You can even keep plain and simple water into a decanter and serve your guests with a royal feel!

Carafes are long vessels that hold the liquid, specially water, juices and other beverages, for the purpose of storing and serving. The shape of the carafe is different from that of a decanter. The shape of the container in no way affects or alters the taste of the liquid inside. Storing water into a carafe with a lid and serving your guests from it, has its own charm and wonder!

Difference between Decanters and Carafes:

This is a common point of confusion among people that they often think decanters and carafes to be the same! Though they are largely similar in their purpose, there is a slight difference between the two that makes them different.

The main difference between carafes and decanters is their shape, style and purpose. Carafes are elongated glass vessels for the purpose of serving water, juice, coffee and other beverages whereas decanters are mostly specifically meant to aerate and oxygenize wine for special occasions. However, you can still use a decanter for serving water, juice and other beverages apart from wine. 

The difference in shape, style and purpose does not let any of the two alter or degrade the taste of the liquids in them. The taste remains the same, irrespective of the vessel type and shape.

How to Use a Decanter and Carafe for Upgrading the Look of Your Kitchen and Dining Table?

Carafes and decanters are a style statement! They are classy in looking, which makes them the perfect set of items to decorate your home with. Having a decanter or a carafe set with glass and glass straws on the dining table will not just make your table look perfectly decorated, but also makes your entire room have a touch of luxury and royalty! Water glass decanters will uplift the look of your kitchen and dining table just by being there, without doing anything more for it.

The different shapes and styles of the vessels make your kitchen lit up in an aesthetic way! No matter what type of kitchen décor you have, glass decanters and carafes with lids are going to make a match everywhere.

Different Uses of Carafes and Decanters at Home:

Apart from serving drinks and other beverages, carafes and decanters are a stunning piece of decorative item. As mentioned earlier, they are one of the best table toppers that illuminates the table and fills the room with shine and grace!

You can even use your decanter as a vase for small plants, filled with water for it to grow. Using it as a vase will also look good when kept in any corner of the room!

Apart from these, glass decanters are an excellent gift for people on their special occasion. It will serve their purpose of decoration as well as its usefulness! Carafes with lids are another great present for people who are interested in having their kitchen space upgraded with the trends.

Where to Shop for Decanters and Carafes?

If you want to grab one of the finest decanters and carafes at the most affordable price, then there is no where that you can go except for Whispering Homes! Offering you the best services, the glass decanters and the carafes with lids are the exceptional kitchen décor items from Whispering Homes because of their designs and styles.

Why to Choose Whispering Homes for the Products?

Choosing Whispering Homes will not just give you one of the best products for decorating your kitchen and dining table, but also the quality of the products is worth it! The affordable rate and the unique designs that you will be getting here is one of its kind. Also considering the quick delivery and the amazing packing of the stuff, you can fully rely on Whispering Homes for all your home décor products. Starting from wall prints to kitchen items, you are welcome to shop from here and get one of the best items for your home to stand out!

It is time to get your kitchen and dining table redecorated now with some amazing stuff that will make your guests awestruck and make them fall in love with the decanters and carafes displayed on your table with pride and love!