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Be inspired by our Bestsellers
Be inspired by our Bestsellers

When you decide to renovate your home or decorate a particular room, there are so many things that need to be changed. Starting from the color of the walls to the corners of your room, everything needs something new to make your room look fulfilling! When it comes to walls, you get multiple options to choose from. You can have different things done on different walls of the same room or even have designer walls or wall prints, so that it looks extravagant.

It is common to get confused with so many options on your plate! Hence, Whispering Homes is here to deal with your wall decoration. All you need to do is select the type of decoration you would want to have at your home!

It does not matter whether you have a big house with multiple rooms or you live in a small apartment with three rooms, your decoration makes your home look stunning and different from the rest. Selecting the right type of decoration along with your other decorative items like furnishings and table decors, is the major decision that needs to be taken appropriately. Your wall décor should be complementing the room interior design and vice versa!

What are Accent Walls?

While researching about the different things related to a wall décor, you might have come across the idea of accent walls. Accent walls, which is often called as a feature wall, is an interior wall of any room that is different from the rest of the walls. It may have a different color, design or pattern to make it stand out from the rest of the walls.

To draw the visual attention of the people coming over to your place, you can have different décor items on the accent wall. Similarly, there are décor accents, which means the decorative items in your room, designated at a proper corner or table, are different from those in the rest of the room. The accent pieces are in such a way that it draws the attention of the people present in the room and makes it the primary focus of the room!

What are Décor Accents?

Décor accents are nothing but decorative items that are different from those decorated in the rest of your home. You can have a pretty photo gallery on one of your walls in the living room or a mosaic wall print on one wall to give the entire room an aesthetic feel.

Décor accents can be of many types. They can be decorative objects like desk décor items, table topper, animal figurines, face figurines and many more. You will get multiple options to choose from the website of Whispering Homes for adorning your home with the prettiest décor accents!

Why are Décor Accents Important for Uplifting the Style Statement of Your Home?

When you think about decorating your home, there might come a point where you will question yourself for the need of décor accents. No doubt, redefining a place needs to be done in a manner that it looks ravishing and stunning! Though home décor pieces are important for making your homes look pretty and classy, there are some things beyond this for which maintaining a home décor is important.

Look here for some reasons:

.Your home tells your story –Glimpses of your life story, your likes and dislikes, all can be portrayed and displayed in your home through different décor items. These décor items will tell you a story that will attract the people coming over to your place. As much as they will like to see your home decorated with different items, they will get to know you better as a person!

.Home décor affects your mood –It is always advisable to people for having home décor that is cheerful and jolly. This will set the mood of the people just right! The gloomy colors of the walls or the shabby wall décor will not interest the people or make them feel good. They should bring a sense of happiness in the air!

.Your home décor comforts you –When you are in a grumpy mood or you are annoyed for some reason, your home should be your comfort zone and your safe place! The things in your room should make you feel like you belong there and uplift your mood.
These are some of the eminent reasons as to why you should have décor accents or accent walls in your home for uplifting the statement of your room as well as in uplifting your classiness!

Types of Accent Pieces for Your Home

There are different types of decorative items available in Whispering Homes. The best part about their collection is that you can suit these pieces in any type of home décor design. They will complement the furnishing and the interior décor in a stunning way, when they are decorated with precision!

Some of the accent pieces that can make your home décor look classier are:

.Figurines –Animal or face figurines are one of the ways to decorate your center table, dining table or bedside table! They are usually small in size and good for decoration. The best part is that they are suited in all types of interior design and complements the rest of the things in the room!

.Desk décor items –Items like mini vases with mini plants is a great way to decorate your table! You can even get some pen stands or a small Oscar award statue for your study table, which will keep you motivated as well as make your room look top notch.

.Wall décor –Wall decoration like having photo frames, wall paintings, canvas art paintings and other items are an excellent way to deal with wall décor. They can be hung on your living room walls, bedroom or even in the hallways of your home to make it look shiny and filled with grace!

These are some of the great ways for decorating your home with the unique pieces of decorative items! Make your home look classy and uplift the statement by making some minor changes that will have a major impact in your home.

Where to Get the Best Decorative Items?

If you want to grab the best deals and get the amazing pieces of items, then check out Whispering Homes and their unique collection! Starting from the different types of decorative items to their price, you will fall in love with everything! So, do not waste your time in deciding whether it will be worth it or not because surely, this will be one of your best purchases.

It is time to grab the best and get your home decorated with the accent pieces that will make your home look new and trendy! Whispering Homes is by your side and ready to help you in making your home a little paradise!