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Why are desk planters perfect to choose for your home decor?

With the stunning blend of contemporary aesthetic vibes incorporated into modern designs, ceramic desk planters are perfect as a luxury accessory for your home decor. The choicest designs of desk planters are ideal to liven up the empty spaces on bookshelves, desktops or bathroom vanity. Adorn flowers/botanicals to use as table decor and create a colourful display. One of the finest home decor products to elevate your ambience with sheer sophistication and peacefully charming vibes.

How do desk planters upgrade your living space?

Desk planters are just an absolute epitome of freshness and cheerful vibes. Adorn them at any corner of your home decor, desk planters promise to add a chic and sophisticated ambience to your living space. Crafted with wide mouths, they are perfect to adorn different botanicals and allow you to experiment with different flowers and plants which not only satisfy your green fingers but also bring in an essence of foliage to your home decor. You can add one of the most crowd-pleasing and stylish desk planters like Addis Vase, Esha Vase, Elora vase to accentuate your furnishing and upgrade the style statement of your home decor.

How do desk planters add colour to your interior palette?

Desk planters are a perfect choice to add a pop of colour to your interior palette. Being versatile you can set a mood theme palette for your home decor with designer and colourful desk planters. Beautiful blends of different hues add an eye-catching texture to your living space. Whether you want to set a subtly sophisticated ambience in your study or drum up a little dose of drama in your living room, desk planters are just the right decor accents your need! With an added touch of metallics; desk planters like Addis vase in mesmerising shades of blue, green, grey and pink can add bright and soothing vibes to the ambience of your home decor.

Why choose ceramic desk planters?

One of the leading decor items used in ceramics is almost at every place either home or offices and workplaces. You can either go with the traditional sophisticated matte-finished planters or you can try out different theme-based desk planters like animal themes, boho themes to give a colourful artistic look to any corner of your place. Ceramics is one of the most loved materials of all time for home decor accents. Its versatile nature and handcrafted finished look make it one of the leading materials in the home decor industry. Easy to clean and maintain, you can experiment with any look and theme style with desk planters. Our best selling ceramic desk planters of all time are Greta Vase, Elora vase and Coco vase.

Why are ceramic desk planters suitable as gift items?

What can be more exciting than sharing your love for roots and earthy natural vibes with your loved ones? Win hearts on any special occasion by gifting your loved ones luxury home decor accents & opt for colourful ceramic desk planters. Ceramic Desk planters as gifts have always been in trend due to their versatile design and added functionality which impresses everyone. On any auspicious celebrations, you can pick designer desk planters as a token of your love! which will not only match our loved one's personality and taste but also creates an aesthetic soothing ambience at their living space.

Where to buy desk planters online?

Nowadays, you can buy your favourite desk planters of any style and shade of your choice while sitting at your home comfortably. Gone are the days when you had to roam and search through crowded markets and still not get what you desired. Whispering homes presents you with one of the finest handcrafted ceramic desk planters available in different shades and sizes. Now you can personalize your home decor by choosing desk planters that suitably fits your needs and requirements. Our ceramic desk planter range includes Coco Vase, Elora vase, Greta vase, Addis vase and many more.

How can you adorn desk planters in different spaces in your home decor?

1. Living room: Desk planters are perfect living room aesthetics that bring in a new visual interest and add a nice pop of colour to the interior palette. You can adorn them with colourful blooms or succulents and proudly display them on TV mantles, side desks, coffee tables or near the sittings to add an aesthetic essence of natural botanical display in the ambience.

2. Study: One of the most peaceful and rather your favourite places to think, read, write and explore. You can add a quirky element to your study room by adorning your favourite blooms in cute desk planters or you can also display artistic desk planters on your study table to hold your stationery or other study supplies. Desk planters will add a dash of colour and will also prove to be functional in your study room furnishing.

3. Hallways: Often the hallways are left unattended when it comes to home decoration. Desk planters are perfect to liven up the hallways of your home. Eye pleasing stylish silhouettes radiating a serene blend of hues, ceramic desk planters will vanish away all the boring vibes and add a new character and dimension to your hallways.

4. Balcony mantles: Made for each other! Desk planters are just the right picks to adorn on your balcony mantles and side tables. Perfect to plant your favourite blooms and green, you can proudly display desk planters to create a cheerful botanical display on your balcony. Greenery with a little bit of character and handcrafted artistic vibes is what we all need for our balconies.

5. Bedroom: If you are an ardent plant lover, you must also be looking for ways to incorporate plants and flowers in your bedroom also. What can be more exciting and suitable than desk planters? Apart from adorning your favourite botanicals, desk planters also exhibit their individuality through their stylish decorative silhouettes. Perfect to display on bedside tables, near relaxing chairs or on cabinet tops.