Unique Face Figurines

Be inspired by our Bestsellers
Be inspired by our Bestsellers

Creativity will meet sophistication and lead to luxury living when you'll give it a try and adorn face figurines for home decor in your spaces. Thoughtfully designed and carefully curated with matte finished ceramics and handmade detailing, these unique face figurines will add a bit of character and drama to your home decor theme. The absolute epitome of elegance and tranquillity, human face figurines will showcase your love for sculptural art and antiques. Face figurines are perfect accents to decorate in your living room, study, or hallway consoles which will enhance the overall appeal of your space with leaps and bounds.

What are Human Figurines?

Face figurines are handcrafted replicas of human faces and emotions. They are nowadays a very trendy and crowd-pleasing decor accessory for home decoration. Boasting quirky silhouettes inspired by historical influences, they are grooved and hand-cut into realistic face figures, which give an interesting and classic appeal to your home decor. Apart from adding a decorative touch, face figurines bring in an eye-catching charm into the ambiance of your living space which catches the curious glances of your visitors.

How Do Face Figurines for Home Decor Add a Character to Your Home Decor?

One of the most attractive aspects of face figurines is their ability to add a unique character to the ambiance of your living space. They add a new dimension to your decor accessories by exhibiting a natural touch of human emotions depicting some philosophical or historical references. Our favorite face figures like Augustus, Guro & Karel, and Centwine & Karel are perfect examples of sophistication and subtle intrigue which will uplift the style statement of your home decor.

Why Are Ceramic Face Figurines Trendy And Why You Must Buy Figurines Online?

Ceramics-the oldest and still the trendiest material used in many interior designs of houses along with many handcrafted home decor designer products is the best option to try out. It is the most versatile home decor material. Various quirky silhouettes to satisfy your zeal for different trendy looks, whether modern or old-school vintage. Ceramic face figurines not only add a subtle sophisticated charm to the ambiance of your home decor but also require low maintenance and care. Easy to handle, clean, and dust; ceramics face figurines are perfect for adorning as decor accessories.

How Does Face Ceramic Figurines Add Color to Your Living Space?

Different kinds of face figurines either are inspired by modern-day trends or by the traditional vintage ideas are perfect ceramic material to include in interiors. Human Figurines’ minimalistic look and beautiful designs will elevate the look and also enhance the beauty of other elements like furniture and sittings in the room. Perfect accents to add a nice pop of color and contrasting hues to your interior palette. Face figurines can be chosen according to your favorite colors, blends and textures so that you can personalize the theme color palette of your living space according to your taste.

What Makes Human Figurines Versatile?

Whenever it comes to giving a makeover to your home, the first and foremost thing that comes into mind is the theme to be selected. Having several decor themes available in showbiz, it's always a task to choose the one which will perfectly suit your architecture and help create the place of your dreams. Face figurines are one such decor accent that is versatile and promises to provide a supremely rich touch to your home decor. Whether it is contemporary, bohemian, industrial, nautical, or the classic traditional; face figurines blend in with any theme decor and uplifts the style statement of your place with leaps and bounds.

Where Can You Buy Human Figurines Online From?

Inspired by different ideas and influences all around the world, you can purchase different face figurines at different locations. You can also order your favorite face figurines while sitting at home and accessing various trendy designs online. Whispering homes is one such stop shop that provides you with one of the finest handcrafted pieces of ceramic face figurines like Augustus face figurine, Guro & Karel, and Centwine & Karel. Perfect grooves and ceramic matte finish makes them edgy, eye-catching decor accents.

What Are the Different Ways to Incorporate Figurines for Home Decor in Your Home?

  • Staircases: In modern-day interior design, you can add luxury home accessories like face figurines to your staircase and liven up the empty corners. This will add a nice pop of color and refreshing aesthetic vibes. An intriguing charm and aesthetic will get added to your interior palette in the form of face figurines.
  • Wall decor: You can use ceramic face figurines as wall art decoration accents to fill up the empty shelves on your wall showcases. Face figurines will accentuate the empty, dull corners of the house and add extra life to your wall palette. Perfect for adding a correct texture, diverse color palette, Finished look, and create a striking focal point for your living space to embrace the decor with luxury vibes. We have the most trendy figurines online in India collection!
  • Living room: To add a nice visual interest into your living room which not only acts as an aesthetic decor accent but also catches the curious glances of your visitors, face figurines are the best option to start with. Perfect for adorning on side tables, coffee tables, on cabinet tops, or TV mantles.
  • Balcony: you can elevate the look of your balcony aisle by adorning ceramic face figurines and complementing the contemporary look of your house. Quirky silhouettes will add a little theme or dramatic, eye-catching storyline vibes to your balconies which will look interesting and aesthetic.
  • Bedroom: If you are an ardent plant lover, you must also be looking for ways to incorporate plants and flowers in your bedroom also. What can be more exciting and suitable than desk planters? Apart from adorning your favorite botanicals, desk planters also exhibit their individuality through their stylish decorative silhouettes. Perfect for displaying on bedside tables, near relaxing chairs, or on cabinet tops. Table clocks, toothbrush holder in your bathroom, or coasters on your coffee table - all these desk decor items are functional and will look super stylish.

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