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Candle Holders

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Why are candle holders trendy decor accents?

Mood lighting is a trend nowadays. Who doesn't want a cosy ambience which adheres to one's personal choices and taste? Today, when it comes to decorating the house; people have a firm desire to depict their personality and incorporate their likes and favourites in home decor.

Correct lighting & illuminance just sets the tone of your interior palette right and what can be a better option to add a chic glamorous touch to your space other than candlelights. Customise your favourite spots in the house with your favourite candles adorned on beautiful candle holders to add extra life and liven up the space because a beautiful room completes with a candle. And a candle is incomplete without an aesthetic candleholder!

Why choose candle holders for your home decor?

Carefully combining versatility with unique designs, candle holders are a treat for the eyes of your visitors. Now placing the lighted candles becomes easier with trendy and exclusive designer candle holders embossed with a lustrous finish to add a new dimension to the lighting of your space. Uplift the ambience of your dinner party by displaying candles on these gorgeous pieces or set up the mood lighting of your living room by adorning your favourite scented candles. Add a dose of high glamour with illuminance spread through these decorative eye-pleasing accents.

How can candle holders enhance the candlelight aesthetics?

The light of the candle reflects gently on the silhouette of candle holders radiating different hues and textures which creates a calming and beautiful atmosphere. For instance, when beautiful flickering light falls on lustrous golden metallic candle holders, it creates a royal magical look that is chic and glamorous. Perfect picks to adorn dining tables and arrange up a dramatic candlelight dinner.

How can you clean and maintain candle holders?

Perfect for home decor, candle holders are light in weight and easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe it with a dry cloth. If you spot a stain, rub it lightly with a slightly damp cloth with a hint of lemon added to it. Fuss-free, anybody can maintain their appeal and finished texture to adorn their favourite candles.

How can you add height and intrigue to home decor using candle holders?

Combining premium luxury and a sense of bling to any room decor; almost like creating an effect of royalty, candle holders when displayed as centrepieces or adorned on console vignettes add an eclectic height and intrigue to the showcase display. When the candles are adorned at an increased height, the light spreads widely and evenly which then creates a mesmerizing look of glazed illuminance. The different heights help create a beautiful ambience and are a great addition to any decor.

Why are candle holders best to adorn your favourite candles?

Stunningly crafted candlestick holders are made of high-quality materials like ceramic candle holders or glass or metal candle holders. And each candle holder has a sturdy and heavy base as bottom support which is not easy to shake, fall and slide. This will prevent the lighted candles from falling or spilling which will prevent your space from accidents. The classic conventional slim candles can be easily placed on candle holders without any fear of their falling.

What are the added advantages of candle holders?

  • Prevent wax spill

One of the most functional and advantageous aspects of candle holders is their ability to prevent the candle wax from spilling on tables, cabinets, furnishing etc. The melted candle wax of slim candles can create a fussy and unpleasant mess in your home decor which can easily be prevented by placing the candles on ideal candle holders which will accumulate all the melts and protect your furnishing from wax drippings.

  • Easily portable

Candleholders make for great decor items! They are easily portable and you can keep them wherever you want in your home. You can customize your favourite spaces in home decor by decorating with any of your liked designs or material of candle holders. Easy to carry and displace from one room to another makes them more efficient and functional decor accents.

  • As a decorative object

Magnificent candle holders in different silhouettes and shades are used as decorative accents for home decor. Carefully combining versatility and functionality, candle holders not only adorn your favourite candles but also add to the visual interest of the room. Accentuating your interior palette they easily blend in with any theme decor, wallpaper and furnishing. Right from adding a dramatic pop of colour to subtle sophisticated contemporary charm, candle holders can blend in with any theme or event.

  • Why choose candle holders as gifts?

Considered to be one of the best go-to housewarming gifts, candle holders are magnificent home decor accents which not only support candles but also bring in a subtle new dimension and visual interest for the eyes of your visitors. With a touch of dramatic ceramic finish or lustrous metallic tone of candle holders, you can experiment with a variety of styles, designs, quality material and silhouettes.

Where to find candle holders online?

Candleholders in various builds, structures and designs are easily available online at various stores. One of the most trendy and classy ceramic candle holders are presented to you by whispering homes. Handmade with supreme quality material with an added touch of art & craft motifs, these candle holders are just an absolute epitome of serenity and style. Some of our most loved candle holders of all time are the Ligero candle holder, Signa candle holder, Meridiem candle holder, Aurum candle holder and Brillar candle holder.

What are the various ways to display candle holders?

Wherever placed, candle holders just uplift the style quotient of your living space by blending in with theme decor and furnishing of the room. Let's have a look at some of the best ways to adorn candle holders in different spaces in your home decor.

1. Living room: Candleholders can be placed as centrepieces in the living room of your house. You can display your favourite candles on decorative designer candle holders to add a unique intrigue and height to the ambience. One of the most loved shades for living room candle holders has always been golden and white. Proudly display golden candle holders if you are a fan of a little bit dramatic and eye-catching tones otherwise you can always go for the subtle serene white candle holders to reflect the minimalist in you. Some of our favourite picks for the living room are golden aurora candle holder, white brillar candle holder and meridiem candle holder.

2. On side tables: Candle holders are best to fill up the empty spaces on side tables in your living room, bedroom or hallways. Apart from adding intrigue with a sense of affinity, they also act as decorative objects which bring in a little bit of drama as well as eye soothing vibes to the ambience of your living space. Some of our favourite picks for side tables are pasos candle holder, betty candle holder and circum candle holder.

3. On dining table: What can be the better option than a dining table to adorn your favourite candles on eclectic candle holder pieces. Best decor accents to host a mesmerising candlelight dinner. Setting the right mood in the dining room by lighting your favourite candles on designer candle holders is one of the most trendy ways of all time. Some of our favourite picks for the dining room are a golden brillar candle holder, Ligero candle holder and golden aurora candle holder.

4. In the bedroom: If you are a lover of aromatic scents and like collecting scented candles then candle holders are just the right decorative objects for your bedroom. Place your favourite scented candles near your bedside table, on cabinet tops or a dressing table beautifully adorned with designer candle holders. Some of our favourite picks for the bedroom are lux candle holder, white circum candle holder and hazel candle holder.

5. Indoor balcony: Your favourite place to chill and relax, drum up a dose of warmth and mood lighting in your indoor balcony to create a soothing and cosy ambience by displaying your favourite candles on eye-catching candle holders. You can provide a chic luxurious look to your balcony which will reflect your personality and your taste for decor accents. Some of our favourite picks for the indoor balcony are Meraki candle holder, black aurora candle holder and meridiem candle holder.