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The WARLI tribe in India has long practised the WARLI art. It is a centuries-old tribal art form that is still popular today. These classic art paintings usually use natural colors and pigments crushed from stones, leaves, flowers, and roots to create a masterpiece on cloth. It's a renowned artwork, utilized for ceremonies or as decorations for weddings and other festivals.

These artworks are a type of tribal art developed primarily by the tribal people of India's North Sahyadri Range. The Palghar district includes cities including Dahanu, Talasari, Jawhar, Palghar, Mokhada, and Vikramgadh. Maharashtra is the birthplace of this tribal art, which is still home to acknowledged experts there today.

This beautiful art is available at Whispering Homes in a variety of colors and designs. We sell vibrantly colored Print Trays, Art Panels, Community Panels, and other WARLI art goods. If you want to adorn your home for a special event, utilize these art panels. Whether you've moved into a new apartment or refurbished your home - this art's exclusive pieces are just the right accents to choose from.

What is WARLI art?

WARLI art paintings are a style of folk art found primarily in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This art  first gained popularity in the 1930s, and most artists used natural colors on a white background. This unique design is intended to be inspired by spirit wood sculptures.

These pieces frequently incorporate ochre shapes that denote the sun, moon, and stars. They may also include rain or peacock symbols. The lack of perspective and three-dimensionality, as well as noticeable elements like stripes, dots, and strokes, distinguish paintings.

WARLI Artwork Designs and Styles

The beautiful geometric patterns of flowers, hunting scenes, wedding customs, and other activities stand out while looking at this special artwork. The picture has a specific attraction due to its lovely yet delicate patterns. These styles and models are currently popular among fashionistas and household goods manufacturers. This tribal art can be seen on a variety of artifacts and in many different places around the world.

Maharashtrians have a special attachment to these art pieces because they've seen them on the walls of numerous rural schools and homes long before they became famous.

What is the process of creating a WARLI painting?

This artform's handcrafted pieces are created on mud walls using traditional white paste techniques. The binding catalysts in this white paste include rice, water, and gum. Additional bamboo sticks are chewed at the end and used as a paintbrush. They frequently resemble prehistoric cave carvings  in appearance. If you had to recreate an art background today, you could sketch the caricatures with white paint on an ochre background.

These artforms are notable for their limited design vocabulary, which often consists of dots and dashes arranged in a linear sequence to create a scene. The Tarpa dance is one of the most well-known features of this art.

WARLI Wall Art Paintings

This artwork is famous for its simplistic drawings that resemble hieroglyphics and feature omnipresent stick figures. Allow one of the more detailed paintings, such as a farmland scene or a village picture, to be the only thing on the wall. Alternatively, choose from a variety of painted wooden decorative objects that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This art's decals are currently in high demand as well.

Accessory Items and Tools

WARLI-inspired pots are all the rage right now, thanks to their bright, lively, and joyful colors. The pots have dazzling reds, vivid yellows, and dark blues, whereas a classic handmade art piece is subtle and graceful in its rust and earth-brown monotones. A set of them, arranged in different places, with or without plants, can radically transform the area.

Lampshades with this unique style art on them and backgrounds of soft beiges and light whites go well with a buttery yellow light that will give a nice glow in your room. To boost up the appeal, pair it with elegant vases or candle holders. 


Fabric with WARLI style is now available. Purchase a rug for the center coffee table in the living room and pair it with some stunning curtains that have bold depiction of this art. Add a few cushions for relaxing on the sofa to complete the look. Select a complete set of exquisite pillow covers, bed sheets, and duvet covers for your bedroom. Finish the look with this magnificent artwork's tray that will make a statement on your dining table.

What sets a WARLI artwork apart from others?

It's a great way to add color to any environment. These artpieces are now available in a wide range of spectacular and rich designs to brighten your home. Whispering Homes carries a wide range of this exquisite art for your home, in various types, sizes, and styles.

Handmade pieces are long-lasting and made of environmentally sustainable materials that are available in our store in a variety of attractive and fashionable styles. Whispering Homes' stunning collection comes in different types of styles and is excellent for expressing all of your living space's tastes and décor.

Why choose Whispering Homes for shopping WARLI paintings?

Whispering Homes has a handpicked WARLI art variety in terms of style, color, and substance. On our website, we sell quality paintings that are long lasting and trustworthy. Go to our Special Offers page to find the most trendy Whispering Homes discounts.

Find the ideal finishing touch for your home by looking through our current selection. Professional painters make one-of-a-kind art in our online store. Each piece has its unique design and style, making it a charming addition to any house. These exquisite artworks for sale are available for purchase through our online store. This form will add a one of a kind visual interest to the ambiance of your living space and will make a chic style statement in front of your visitors. Proudly adorn our warli art paintings as a centerpiece in your living room, bedroom, or hallways. You can also use these accent pieces for gifting your loved ones on special occasions.