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WARLI Stone Work Art

WARLI Stone Work Art is said to be one of the world's oldest types of art. It is a kind of tribal art that developed in Maharashtra state India. This is quite famous among the tribal people, but it has received no specific recognition outside of India so far.

What Is A WARLI Stone Work Art in Folk Art?

This folk painting is a style of tribal art developed mostly by tribal people in India's northern Sahyadri Range, which includes areas like Jawhar, Palghar, Dahanu, Talasari, Mokhada, and Vikramgarh in the Palghar district. The art form of WARLI tribal painting started in Maharashtra, and it is still widely practised there. It is one of the oldest types of art in the world. Although it is not well-known outside of India, it is popular in India and has a special attraction wherever it conveys. The primary geometric shapes in Maharashtra's WARLI Stone Work Art are a circle, a triangle, and a square.

Categories of WARLI Stone Work Art Paintings

There are four types:

  • The Gods - This category is deep in the WARLI tribe's traditional folklore. The tribesmen demonstrate their belief in history through art.
  • People – This represents people's good and terrible behaviors.
  • The Creatures - This portrays various types of animals that lived in their environs. The tiger is a well-known WARLI animal picture.
  • Rights and Rituals – Illustrating rights and rituals are the most prominent of all the genres. This category depicts joy, happiness, celebration, and day-to-day activities.

Types of WARLI Stone Work Art

  • THE PERSIAN FEAST- TRAY: The Persian word "boteh" means "shrub" or "bush" in Paisley. A teardrop-shaped pattern with a twisted upper end can be established in this Mughal design. The Persian Feast provides the ideal foundation for a kingly feast. The tray is a truly royal statement, with its moderate pastel colors and raw silk on the sides.
  • THE PERSIAN BAZAAR – TRAY: Features Palestinian needle motifs, which are a rich artistic legacy passed down through centuries by mothers to their daughters. The Persian Bazaar transports you to a world of royalty. The tray is a lovely adornment, with raw silk on one of the pattern's sides.
  • THE FESTIVAL OF LOVE – TRAY: The central motif of these ceremonial paintings is adjoined by pictures of festivals and dances, as well as plants and animals. The tray, like the artwork depicted in it, is the perfect accent to a nice gathering with friends and family. This is made with raw silk.
  • CELEBRATION - DECORATIVE PRINT TRAY: A beautiful scene of village festivity shown in vibrant hues. People are dancing, celebrating, and having a good time in this scenario. As depicted, the tray is the best addition to a lovely event with friends and family. This handmade art iis finished with raw silk.

WARLI Stone Work Art Have Grown

This Art has undergone significant changes over time. Originally, these lovely Stone Work Art were created on mud walls using a rice-water paste to paint the characters on the canvas and chewed bamboo sticks as paint brushes; since then, new characters have entered the scene. On the other hand, today's conventional paints and paintbrushes can produce the same result!

Aside from that, this iis no longer limited to traditional mud walls. They've gone from strength to strength in the home decor sector, and they appear to be growing by the day. They are becoming increasingly fashionable and well-liked in everything from pots and vases to bedsheets and curtain prints. This lovely Indian art form is popular not just in the home decor market, but also in the textile and garment industries. Seeing a gorgeous Warli art printed saree worn by women on the street or the runway of a fashion show is a typical sight these days that everyone enjoys!

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